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21 May 2014
Spectacular season for Deportivo Cadete A, beyond winning the league there are several lads called to be important players at the upper teams. It was a surprising performance as many of the kids are younger compared to the standard.

This team is normally composed by 15/16-year-old players and competes at the highest possible level, the so called División de Honor Cadete. This league is composed by eight groups with matches that last 80 minutes (two halves of 40 minutes), Depor compete at group one, which is composed only by Galician teams.  Deportivo and RC Celta have completely dominated the group in recent years as the last five titles were clinched by them with the other team normally ending second.

Depor arrived to this season after winning three of the last four tournaments, including the previous two. So, they were the favourites. The financial problems that affected the club, and that hit hard teams like Juvenil A & B plus Fabril, weren’t felt with the same intensity on here, though it forced coach Juan Ignacio Subirán to count with some lads that normally should have played with Cadete B. Still, the tradition was pulling Depor as one of the two favourites to win the league.

The dominion of Depor and Celta is so strong that normally both teams only lose one or two games per season, so it isn’t strange to realize that the team lost its first match on the season until 2014. What happens is that there were three unexpected draws within the first seven matchdays, two of them at Abegondo: 1-1 Vs. CD Lugo (matchday 02) and 1-1 Vs. Arosa SC (matchday 04).

For this reason the team was third after matchday 07 with Celta six points above Los Blanquiazules. But then the team clinched a rally of eleven straight victories, including home wins before RC Celta (2-1, matchday 09) and Pontevedra CF (2-0, matchday 15), plus two demolishing 5-0 wins: CD Conxo (matchday 11) and Montañeros CF (matchday 13). The first derby against Celta meant a comeback in the score with the winning goal scored by Borja Freire ten minutes before the final whistle.

So, by matchday 18 the race for the title was, as it was expected, a matter of two outfits. With RC Celta been the leader (51 points), Depor was three points behind and Pontevedra were in a distant third position (34). But then Deportivo suffered a double slip with the home draw before CD Lugo (0-0, matchday 19) and the defeat at home before ED Val Miñor-Caixanova (2-4, matchday 20).

The latter result was surprising as the rival was lying among the last six places. Therefore, by the beginning of the second round, the difference of six points with RC Celta was restored. But Deportivo responded with ten straight victories, this time clinching nine clean sheets in the process. And the crucial thing is that RC Celta started to fail, including losing the second derby at A Madroa (0-1 win for Depor)

That victory, with a penalty scored by Adrián Castro at the beginning of the second half after a foul over Iago Novo, meant to change the tide. Celta lost two of the next four games and by matchday 31 Deportivo already had the opportunity to secure the title. And it did it with a demolishing 8-1 win over CD Moaña. In the end Cadete A clinched a third title in a row having a 14-point advantage over RC Celta and a 28-point advantage over third position Coruxo FC.

Adrián Castro was the Pichichi on this season

A lot is expected from centre-back Chumi

Iago Novo, one of the best attackers at the team

Defender Rodrigo Parafita

Aarón Sánchez is among the more talented players at Cadete A

This is one of the most juicy academy teams at Deportivo. A mix between kids born in 1998 and 1999. At every corner of the field it is possible to find interesting lads called to be important players at Juveniles for the next couple of years. Some scouts label them as the “golden generation” at Depor’s academy. It all starts with the goal scorers: Adrián Castro (21) and Aarón Sánchez (19), duo that ended as the Pichichis at the squad and that netted the41 % of the goals.

Aarón is an elegant playmaker; his facility to score goals is what makes him different.  Rumors say that he was tempted to leave during the summer, bur preferred to stay. After all, he was considered as the best player at the team. Adrián is a number nine that can also perform at both wings; he scored six goals within his last six games, reason why he ended as the top-scorer. In the previous season this duo alternated between Cadete A & B and also scored a lot of goals. Adrián was also the player with more minutes on the season (2,480).

Javier Tasende was the starting keeper during the league campaign, a lad that has been at the club since Alevines, The other keeper at the team was Manuel Vázquez.  There are rising stars at defense, starting with Juan Brandariz 'Chumi', a powerful centre-back that already received praises due to his solid performance. Some scouts believe he’s the best centre-back in Galicia at this age. He wasn’t the only centre-back shinning as Rodrigo Parafita also competed a great season, even scoring six goals –Chumi scored four-. This duo is called to be the future of Depor B and follows the footsteps of players like Insua, Uxío and Hugo García.

Full-backs Adrián Barrio and Daniel Cupeiro, plus centre-back Álvaro Suárez also had an important participation with the team. At midfield, Borja Freire and Javi Sanda were normal participants, the first was a new signing and the other was completing his first year at the team after been promoted from Cadete B.

Then to notice the work of the ‘three Iagos’: Iago Gandoy, Iago Parga and Iago Novo. Gandoy is a very talented pivote, considered to be the motor of the team and is following the step of other players at upper teams like José Moure and Gabi Sanin. Then Parga is a multifunctional player that can perfectly perform at the centre of the defense but also as a centre midfielder. For many scouts the best player is Novo, a multifunctional player for the attacking positions, he ended as the third best scorer at the team (12 goals) and was always praised due to his vision to play and individual moves. He was also the only player at the team that took part of the 34 matches on the season. Novo and Adrián Castro formed a very lethal couple up front. Finally, Adrián Pose enriched the attacking line contributing with ten goals.

Probably the best team at the academy during the season that’s ending; it got the results and its players demonstrated their quality.  Some of the lads can end performing for Juvenil B on next season, though several of them should stay at the team as they are too young.




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