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13 Sep 2006
Dudu Aouate has said that Deportivo must think in two objectives: to play good football and to aspire to the European places. The Israeli keeper is also expecting to face a tough confrontation against Villarreal. Meanwhile, Nihat analysed the current problems on his squad.

The new Deportivo's goalkeeper has said in Abegondo's press room that his team is obligated to play good football, and to fight for the European places: "To achieve the salvation is an obligation for us, it isn't an objective. The real objective of Deportivo is something more than the salvation: we have to play good football, one that will satisfy the fans. We also have to fight for a place in the European competitions. I believe that we have a good team, maybe young, but we have the hope of achieving something big."

Aouate also admitted that the team made an ugly game on the past Sunday; however, he is convinced that Depor made a good strategic job: "Everybody is doing its best because it's fundamental to achieve something good on this season. Against Zaragoza we made a marvelous game and against Mallorca we didn't play well. But at least we did a very good tactical work."

Villarreal's potential was another issue analised by the Israeli keeper: "They are a big squad and with first level players. Surely, this will be a hard game and a tough challenge for us. But if we want to achieve something, we must add points. Specially if we are playing at home. We must play good football and start progressing."

New Villarreal's signing, Nihat Kahveci, has analysed the poor start of his team in la liga: "The goals will arrive, but it's true that we have been scoreless during the last two matches. The thing that worries me the most is that the squad isn't generating occasions to score. I would be happy if I had enjoyed three or four opportunities although I would not fulfill those chances. Maybe our problems are caused by the strikers' movements, maybe it's because the passes aren't made properly. But I think that the important thing is that every player should analyse his own work."

The Turkish striker has also talked about Deportivo: "They have started well, wining at home and drawing away, but everything can change in just one game. The important thing is to be optimistic and play this game with will. We don't care about Deportivo, we just want to improve our own performance. I'm sure that if we win there, everything that has happened will be forgotten."

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