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26 May 2014
Another bad game for Deportivo. It was an unexpected, but deserved result before a rival that put more will on the pitch. The worst part are the casualties as up to 5 men could miss the next game.

Many surprises at the lineup of Fernando Vázquez. First to all Albert Lopo was fit enough to start. The surprises were to see Manuel Pablo, Antonio Núñez and Cezary Wilk at the starting 4-2-3-1 figure. Luis Fernández and Javier Arizmendi were the players out for tactical reasons, while Juan Dominguez was suspended. However, there was a last-minute change as Wilk picked a Soleus problem during the warming up, so the spot was for Rabello, while Arizmendi was on the bench.

Lux was the keeper, Laure performed at the right side of the defense, Manuel Pablo covered the left side, while the central positions were for Insua and Lopo. Álex Bergantiños and Wilk were the centre midfielders. Núñez attacked from the right wing, Luisinho did it from the left, Ibrahim Sissoko was the playmaker and Diego Ifrán was the centre forward.

At CD Numancia, coach Juan Antonio Anquela presented the expected 4-2-3-1 figure after Julio Álvarez and Marc Pedraza passed a late test. Álvarez and Natalio Lorenzo were the references up front performing behind centre forward Sergi Enrich, who scored twice at the Riazor in the game of the first round (3-3). Around 400 fans traveled to Soria for the game.

Deportivo looked cautious and at times nervous in the first half; the rival gave a lot of problems through the set-pieces and were able to score first; luckily the Galicians scored a quick equalizer and the game turned to be more equal later.

The game began with CD Numancia bringing danger through a cross from the left that was headed at the box by Enrich and then Manuel Pablo cleared the danger (2’). Five minutes later Julio Álvarez completed the first shot on target in the game, it was a drilling attempt from the left corner of the area, but it was stopped by Lux.

Depor were feeling pretty uncomfortable on the pitch; it was having the usual problems up front and this time it was losing the ball at defensive positions, which brought problems at the moment of containing the rival. But then the Galicians started to enjoy of scoring opportunities; the first was on the boots of Rabello, who collected the ball at the edge of the area after a pass by Sissoko; the Chilean released a strong shot that was barely deflected by local goalie Biel Rivas (12’). Two minutes later Lopo had a chance to score, but he didn’t connect properly at the far post a lateral free-kick released by Luisinho.

And Numancia responded, first with a weird header of Enrich that hit the crossbar (19), and then with the first goal in the game. And again it was a set-piece (the three goals at the Riazor in the first round came in set-pieces). Julio Álvarez released a corner-kick from the left that centre midfielder Francisco Regalón met at the box alone enough to score through a perfect header past Lux.

But Depor managed to react quickly; it was an unexpected play in which Rabello arrived on time to release a low cross from the left that Luisinho met at the box, he didn’t connect the ball properly, but it was lucky as the ball turned into a perfect shot that went into the far post. It’s his third goal in liga.

The equalizer put the game at the same point of the first minutes, because Numancia were pushing hardly and looked dangerous in every set-piece released by Julio Álvarez, though Depor were better placed and things turned to be more equal. The pace was slower within the final fifteen minutes; Depor were dragging two physical problems as Sissoko and Ifrán were tackled during the half and didn’t feel fine, while Pedraza was close to be replaced due to the muscle problem that he was dragging from mid-week.

Another sad second half for Deportivo; the team did nothing and to make things worse it played with ten men for a half an hour. Neither the rival did too much, but it found an isolated play at the end of the game to secure the permanence and bring more doubts to the city of A Coruña.

The final part started with the novelty of ex-Real Madrid Miguel Palanca replacing injured Pedraza, then the script was the same one of the first part: Numancia pushing through set-pieces (one free-kick and one corner-kick within the first three minutes) and Depor holding on at the back.

At this point Las Palmas claimed the lead in their game and the feeling was that the promotion wasn’t going to be achieved on this weekend. There were no clear opportunities within the first thirty minutes; the locals pushed and had the ball the major part of the time, but they were unable to complete a shot on target as Depor’s defensive line was more attentive. At the same time the Galicians lacked depth and width in attack and didn’t cause any harm.

The first substitution was the entry of Borja Bastón taking the place of injured Sissoko, but only one minute later the Galicians were reduced to ten men as Núñez was sent off after picking a second yellow card for elbowing a rival (Juanma).

Vázquez was ready to send Toché to replace Ifrán, who was dragging a muscle problem from the first half, but the red card moved the coach to change the plans and Marchena was the one that replaced the Uruguayan. The veteran defender was playing at midfield in an improvised 4-4-1 lineup.

For the last twenty minutes Depor had more depth as it had enough space to release quick counterattacks, but there were no accurate passes to surprise the local defense. Neither Numancia gave problems to Lux, because they didn’t have enough quality in attack and because the set-pieces of Julio Álvarez missed aim.

But the locals were going to win the game with a late goal, and as it happened on last weekend it was a chipped ball that surprised the whole defense. Julio Álvarez was at the edge of the area and chipped the ball into the right side of the box, neither Manuel Pablo nor Lux were able to intercept it and Sergi Enrich headed it into the left corner of the box, and Miguel Palanca was there to just push the ball from close range.

At this point SD Eibar were winning and Depor were losing the leadership, the worst thing was that UD Las Palmas were reducing the distance to only three points. It was the hardest moment on a rainy night and the Galicians were already defeated as they never gave any hint of having clear ideas to rescue the result.

Another sad game for Deportivo; the team barely caused problems to Numancia, but the only good play in the game and the lack of quality by the rival allowed to hold on the draw until minute 80, and then CD Numancia managed to score in a new lack of concentration by the defense. The worst part is that Lopo picked the fifth yellow card on the season, Núñez was sent off, while Ifrán, Sissoko and Wilk are dragging physical problems.

So, Depor could end up hosting Real Jaén (Riazor, Saturday, 19h00 CET) missing five players. The incredible thing is that SD Eibar are already promoted after UD Las Palmas suffered a surprising loss hosting Recreativo Huelva, passing from a 2-0 to a 2-3 in just 30 minutes. The Galicians only need one point to mathematically secure the promotion to Liga BBVA.

Numancia: (4-2-3-1) Biel Ribas - Isidoro, Gaffoor, Juanma, Bonilla (Vicente Pérez 80’) - Regalón, Pedraza (Palanca 46’) – Natalio (David González 68’), Julio Álvarez, Bedoya - Sergi Enrich.
Deportivo: (4-2-3-1) Lux – Laure, Lopo, Insua, Manuel Pablo – Álex Bergantiños, Rabello – Núñez, Sissoko (Bastón 59’), Luisinho – Ifrán (Marchena 69’).
Goals: 1-0: (22’) Regalón, 1-1: (27’) Luisinho, 2-1: (83’) Palanca
Referee: Dámaso Arcediano Monescillo. He showed yellow card to Bonilla (18’), Pedraza (25’), Julio Álvarez (54’), Juanma (87’), Lopo (90’) and Biel Rivas (90+2’). Núñez was sent off with two yellow cards (39’ & 59’)
Venue: Los Pajaritos (5,000)
Other statistics: Ball possession (68% - 32%); Attempts to score (6 – 3); Total shots (9 - 4); Shots on target (3 - 2); Saves by the keepers (1 - 1); Corner-kicks (5 - 0); Offsides (3 - 1); Fouls committed (21 - 13); Passing accuracy (89.01% - 80.51%)





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