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28 May 2014
Not a good season for Deportivo Juvenil B, another of the teams affected by the financial problems that hit the club. Still, there are interesting players that could be important for Depor B, mainly at defense.

Team composed by players born between 1996 & 1997; it competes at Liga Nacional Juvenil, which is the second level of the Spanish football league system for youth players 18 years old and under.  The league is composed by 18 groups, Depor competes at group one, which is for the Galician teams. The first two places are promoted to División de Honor, but since Juvenil A competes there the B squad of Depor must stay on this league.

Deportivo and Celta have dominated the league in recent years; the Juvenil B squad of Celta won two of the last five tournaments, while Depor’s youngsters won the other three, including the previous one. However it wasn’t expected they could repeat the title in this opportunity, because of the problems lived inside the club during the summer.

And it’s that the financial problems affected this team. Fernando Vázquez made the pre-season complementing his squad with players from Fabril, while the latter did the same using players from Juvenil A, and this last team did the same with lads from Juvenil B. In this way coach Fran Varela made his own pre-season with only 13 of the players that were going to be normal participants during the regular season, some of the players were coming from Cadete A as it was the case with Aarón Sánchez.

Meanwhile, centre-backs Pablo Martí and Pablo Novo, full-backs Alvaro Naveira and Blas Alonso, plus midfielder Jose Moure were training with Juvenil A. They returned to the B squad in August, just when the league season was about to start.  This situation was going to affect the performance of the team.

Irregular season for Juvenil B; the team had a strong record at the beginning of both rounds, but it fell down later and could only achieve the fourth place. Clearly the problem was the offensive line, because it had problems to score goals and win key matches (60 goals in favour), while it was the best defense in the group after only conceding 34 goals.

The season started with a defeat visiting Galicia de Caranza (1-2), but the team was second at the standings by matchday 10 after winning 8 of the first 10 games, including the derby against Celta with a goal scored by Roi Peiteado. However, Juvenil B suffered three new defeats before the end of the first round: 0-2 at Sardoma (matchday 12), 2-3 at Alondras (matchday 14) and 0-2 Vs. Rápido de Bouzas (matchday 17). So, at this point the team was already fourth, fourteen points below surprising leaders ED Val Miñor.

Celta Juvenil B was third, only four points away, and both teams reacted at the beginning of the second round. Depor’s youngsters only lost one of the next ten games (0-1 Vs. Val Miñor, matchday 20) and by matchday 27 they were only six points away from the leadership.

And it was then that Juvenil B failed as the lads lost three of the last seven games: 0-1 at SD Compostela (matchday 28), 0-1 Vs. Sárdoma (matchday 29) and 3-4 Vs. CD Lérez (matchday 32). In this way Depor’s youngsters could only end fourth at the standings, ten points behind a Celta B that reacted in the second round winning 10 of the last 17 games, though they could only get one point from Depor after drawing 3-3 in the second derby played in A Madroa.

Centre midfielder José Moure, the best player at the team on this season

Striker Roi Peiteado, the top-scorer on the season

A lot is expected from let-back Álvaro Naveira

Coach Fran Varela lived a similar situation to what happened at Juvenil A, trying to administrate the resources in the best possible way and avoid the problems coming from upper teams, but the outcome was the same: a team that defended well, but that had problems to attack, which led to not complete a solid season. Neither can it be described as a bad campaign.

So, it isn’t strange that the best players on the season were the ones related to defensive tasks. And here are two lads that have been on the spotlight: left-back Álvaro Naveira and centre midfielder José Moure. Naveira is a solid defender with interesting skills up front. His progression is impressive and only played in 25 of the 34 matches on the season because he was already playing with Juvenil A at the end of the season (8 appearances at División de Honor). Still, it was enough to be the third player with more minutes (2,190)

Moure is the soul and therefore the best player at the team. He was the lad with more minutes (2.640). Considered to be the “next Álex Bergantiños” (same description than Juvenil A’s Gabi Sanin). He’s a centre midfielder with unique skills marking the rivals, and he’s also good passing the ball, which means an improvement compared to Bergantiños.

Having the best mark in the league in terms of goals allowed it’s necessary to emphasize the work of goalkeepers Héctor Portela and Alejandro López 'Jano', plus centre-backs Pablo Novo, Pablo Martí and Pablo Fernández, the latter even trained with Fabril at the beginning of the season. Full-backs Brais Lema and Blas Alonso also had an interesting performance, which included to score some goals.

The offensive numbers weren’t impressive at all, but it doesn’t mean there are no interesting players at the team. The top-scorer was Roi Peiteado, a number nine that was ruled out from Celta academy during the summer and that joined Depor ahead of this league season. He scored 11 goals in 31 matches.  Roi is described as a physically strong goal-scorer, a number nine that knows how to seize the opportunities.

It also called the attention the contribution of wingers Nicolás ´Nico’ Sánchez and Francisco Calviño 'Keko'. Nico arrived to the club during the season 2008/09 coming from indoor league club Troula FC and was always characterized for scoring goals. He was the second best scorer at the team (10). Keko arrived this season from Ural and netted eight goals, showing interesting skills up front.

Another player used frequently for these positions were Pedro Alvedro and Miguel Real, both scored three goals on the season. Moroccan winger Bilal Belkalcha 'Bily' debuted in December with the team and left a positive impression scoring three goals plus a couple of assists.

Midfielder Miguel García Novelle only played 18 games with the team, but it was because he spent the half of the time playing for Juvenil A. Playmaker Juan Bautista Rey is among the youngest lads at the team. He was praised for his vision to play though on this season he played more as a centre midfielder.

Finally, the situation of two promising attackers: Javi Lorenzo and José Fandiño. Lorenzo joined Depor at Alevines in 2008 and was praised as a skillful and deadly centre forward; he left the club and just returned on this season reconverted into a playmaker/second attacker. Used to score a lot of goals he only scored 4 in 25 appearances, though he’s the youngster player at the team.

There were high hopes with Fandiño, a centre forward that last season netted 22 goals in 33 matches with Cadete A, but on this campaign he faced physical problems and rotated between Juvenil A & B. With the B squad he only played six games, mainly at the end of the season, but left a hint of his quality scoring his six goals within his last four appearances, including a hat-trick in the defeat against CD Lérez (3-4).

Another “victim” of the crisis that hit the club, they had to support Juvenil A and paid the price with an inconsistent season that led them to end fourth at the standings. The defensive players at the squad were the best ones and are called to reinforce the A squad ahead of next season. There’s also talent in attack, though the offensive players failed to impress on this campaign.






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