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30 May 2014
Depor’s veteran defender wants to live a party on Saturday, but warns that the team must remain calm. He also denied having any problem with coach Fernando Vázquez and his tactics for the games.

Carlos Marchena addressed the media on Thursday; he’s eager to play and sent a message of tranquility to the fans. He was admitting that this week is special as Depor can clinch the promotion on Saturday, “It’s a special week, because we sense that Saturday can be an important day. It could be a great day. We all want to have an important day. Evidently we train thinking of Saturday, a pretty day.  It’s different to previous weeks.”

The veteran confirmed that he’s fit to play after reducing the pace during this week’s trainings, “I’m perfectly fine, thanks to the doctors. I haven’t played for a while, but my head has never been out. I have always been focused on the team. When your head is on the team then it isn’t as complicated as when you are disconnected due to apathy.”

He also stated that the players must remain calm, “We must know how to administrate the tension. We must focus on training at the top, your thoughts are moving you to the day of the game, but we must be prudent and have the needed patience, knowing that we must live day after day.”

Marchena insisted that the players must control the nerves and at the same time denied that Deportivo’s team is anxious, “If a pilot is too nervous then he cannot fly an airplane, just an example. If a player goes out to the pitch and cannot hold the pressure, then it cannot be a footballer. You must know how to manage the anxiety, though I believe we don’t have it right now.”

The Madrilenian player admitted that the team remains upset after failing to achieve the promotion on last week, “The news of the others results were good, but we remain upset and the returning trip was long, in all senses. For me it was pretty long.”

The centre-back was questioned about his previous words in which he didn’t want to talk of Depor’s tactics, this time the message was the same, “Perhaps the coach is the one that has the more information. He’s the one that studies how we train and play; surely he’s the one with the better information. We all have a coach in the inside, but later we must pay attention to the message send by the coach. I talk for myself and the coach is the one that must talk for the team.”

“Was the tactic too conservative? The coach can send whatever message that he wants. He’s the boss. For now we haven’t had the desired results. If we continue like this maybe he could change, but I don’t know. I can give my opinion and can end up playing in a different way, but he’s the boss and should be the one saying what we must do. His message must be the message of everyone.” He added.

He believes that the promotion is beyond any criticism for the poor performance at home, “To get the goal means to have a full party, later we can analyze how we got there, but to get the goal is something really huge and something to celebrate. We can analyze later why we failed at home, but the goal is a big party.”

Finally, Marchena denied any problem with Vázquez, “My relation with the coach is normal. I am not here to make friends, but to reach a goal. I don’t want the coach to be my friend, but to be a good boss capable of getting the best yield from the team. I came here with the hope of seeing Deportivo at Primera. Personally for me it’s a plus. My relation with the coach is the same one of the day of my arrival. Nothing has changed.”



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