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05 Jun 2014
A lot has been said in recent weeks about the status of Juan Dominguez, who ends his contract in 2016. On Wednesday the midfielder talked of the issue and said that he would love to continue at the club.

Juan Dominguez has been on the spotlight in recent weeks after Ernesto Bello told to reporters that the club has been trying to renew the contract of the midfielder, but that the agent of the player has been eluding the talks. On Wednesday, after the training session, the player addressed the media.

He started remembering the joy that has been lived during these days, “We are calmed and content; we no longer have the tension for fulfilling a goal. We are enjoying of everything. This is unique and it isn’t easy to achieve. Luckily I achieved two promotions, but it isn’t normal. I’m enjoying the moment and the party of the whole Coruña.”

The centre midfielder was also targeting to win Saturday’s game as it could allow Depor to end as the Segunda champions, “It will be the icing. Evidently we all want that and we know that we have a game on Saturday, a game that we want to win, because everyone loves to be the leaders. I believe that both things are getting together: the tranquility for having the promotion in one hand and also the concentration for this weekend’s game.”

The more interesting part of the press conference was the discussion of his situation regarding the renewal of his contract, “The situation is that, for both parties, and for my part I include my agent, we want the renewal. I am content in A Coruña. I’m enchanted at Deportivo and nothing more; the only think we can do is to sit a talk.”

“I also want to clarify that I remain on the sidelines during the negotiations; my agent talk to me, but I prefer to be out of the negotiations. I don’t want to inform the public of anything until having something clear. The one that talks to the club is my agent then he talks to me. So, it’s a matter of the club and him. I can only say that we want to renew and will try to reach an agreement.” He added regarding the issue.

Juan Dominguez also admitted that he has received big offers from other clubs [apparently Swansea and a Belgian club], “Yes, but I haven’t talked to the club regarding this issue. Surely we will talk now as the goal has been achieved. After the game against Girona we will start to talk of these issues.”

Finally, the Galician player said that Deportivo is going for the championship at Segunda, “Our intention is to win the next game; neither it was a normal week as we didn’t have the same routine. It was a little different, but our intention is to add the three points, because we want to end as the leaders.”



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