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07 Jun 2014
Calm, it’s what both coaches transmit to their players though having different goals. In the case of Fernando Vázquez he explained why there are no Fabril’s players on the list and also talked of Marchena and Manuel Pablo.

Pablo Machín Díez is one of those cases in football in which a man spends a lot of time attached to one single football club; he was born in Soria and played at CD Numancia as a right-back defender during the 1990’s. His career as a player lasted ten years, and then he decided to be a coach spending six years working with the academy, Numancia B and the first team.

Machin was the coach of Numancia B when the team was competing at Tercera División and later spent three years as the second trainer of the first squad during the stages with Gonzalo Arconada, Sergio Kresic and Juan Carlos Unzué (2007-2011)

He had a contract for three more years as the assistant of the first team, but in June of 2011 he was chosen to be the head coach and signed a one-year deal; in the end he spent two years as the head coach with the team competing at Segunda and ending at mid-table. The club’s officials didn’t like his work and left CD Numancia in 2013 after 16 years there.

Early in March he was signed by Girona FC as a desperate measure to avoid demotion. He was the third manager on this season and replaced Javi López after a 0-4 loss at CE Sabadell CF. Machin has coached Girona FC for the last twelve games with a balance of 5 wins, 3 draws and 4 defeats, with the novelty of have been using a system with five defenders. This is his first meeting against Fernando Vázquez, who has extended hid contract with Depor until 2016 after clinching the promotion.

Depor’s coach offered his last press conference previous to a league game. He talked to reporters for 15 minutes.  He firstly explained why Marchena was left out of the list for the game, “Let’s say he’s sick in bed, therefore I had to change the list. Luis Fernández is entering. He phoned Carlos Lariño and he visited, and it turns out that he’s sick.”

The Galician coach is worried as he thinks the team cannot be fully motivated for the meeting, “We spent almost the full year there been the first place. The idea is to win the game in Girona and later wait for the match of Eibar. We want to be the champions, the game is also special, because we just climbing to the mountains celebrating, so evidently the game is complicated for us in terms of tension, but we will try.”

“You cannot play without competitive tension; when a team reaches a peak of tension, which happened to us in the game of the promotion against Jaén, then it’s almost impossible to reach again the same peak. We will be a little lower, but must be professionals, we need rationing rather than emotions for this game.” He added regarding the issue.

Vázquez also explained why there are no Fabril’s players at the list, “I thought about it, but I believe we must be respectful with the competition. There are several teams involved that are playing for important things and I believe that the responsibility of Deportivo must be demonstrated again on this weekend. We will make the best possible game in Girona; we have an important goal to reach. It’s clear that the main goal was the promotion, but to be the champion in a league is what you always aspire.”

Later he confirmed that the fans shouldn’t wait for too many changes at the starting lineup, “I have picked all the available players, and all of them have played games, all of them. Almost all of them were starters, almost. I can make changes, but in the end the team will be the same one seen within the last days.”

The Castrofeito-born coach is aware of the tough situation of Girona FC, “It’s a difficult game to play. At one hand you must show responsibility, but without fanfare. We must be serious, but always respecting the rival, knowing they are living a complicate situation. It doesn’t mean to make things easier for them, no, but to be strong and play with enthusiasm. We cannot provoke weird situations. You must be careful as any gesture can start the fire among the fans. We should be strong and at the same time remain calm.”

El Profesor was asked about renewal and signings, and he said that nothing has been decided yet, “Well, we are thinking of some things, off course, but we haven’t made decisions yet regarding any player, I neither said anything. It’s like that.” Later he didn’t want to say anything regarding the renewal talks with Lopo and Lux.

The exit of Marchena from the club was another subject that was analyzed during the press conference. He denied any problem with the players despite his declarations one day before, “I don’t answer to players’ declarations. I treated Marchena as a treated the rest. I don’t have any other way to behave. I try to be fair. I just try to work for Depor; I couldn’t be called a coach if it was it otherwise. In the other way, there wasn’t any player that came to Depor without my consent, including Marchena.”

He was confirming that on next week the club will start making decisions on the signings, “Yes, starting next week we will start to talk with the sporting director and Fernando Vidal. I won’t be on vacation and will be around here for that. It will be the time to sit and start painting the picture that we want for Primera División. It will be good to have the team prepared before the pre-season, though it will be complicated.” Finally, Fernando Vázquez stated that on next week the club will discuss the future of veteran Manuel Pablo, “We will discover it on next week.

Girona’s coach addressed the media on Friday’s noon; he was saying that his team must remain calm ahead of what he described as a final, “Mainly, we have tried to convey normality, because the environment itself is telling to the players and coaches that this isn’t a normal game, but a real final. During the time I've been here we have overcome many battles, but Deportivo is the final battle that should make us win the war. There are weeks when the coach has to be over the players warning or changing some things. It’s not the case now. People work with great intensity. Even sometimes we don’t lift the foot off the accelerator”

Before the press conference, Machin conceded an interview to Radio Cadena Ser in order to analyze the current situation at the club. He was asked if he was optimistic or not head of the meeting, “I am a little of both things. I am very optimistic, because I think we have enough arguments for it, but at the same time I’m prudent, because as a professional I know that’s very hard to win every game. It’s true they already fulfilled their goal, but should want to end first, but I’m confident we are going to compete and that the fans will support us as they always did, and that extra-motivation should be noticed on the field and should help us to get a meritorious win that could lead us to the permanence, just when a few weeks ago everyone was seen it as a miracle.”

“When I landed here I told everyone that I didn’t have a magic wand, but the players are the ones that show their skills on the field and, together with the support from the public, we have created hope. We now expect to close this job on Saturday with a victory that will bring the permanence.” He added.

The ex-Numancia man also explained why he switched the draw to end performing with three centre-backs, “Before joining the club I didn’t have a job, but was watching almost all the games at Segunda. I perfectly knew what my antecessor did. I believe that my mission was to change what wasn’t working, if with the previous coach the 4-2-3-1 was the same scheme used with Javi López then, despite not been a better or worse alternative, I believe we can perfectly perform with three centre-backs taking in mind the players at the team, besides we have two full-backs like Iván [López] and Juncà that can perfectly assume the role covering the whole side, and later to keep Ortuño up front, who little by little is growing up. We have pushed to see everyone committed to the idea of minimizing the damage at the back and maximize the attacks. That was the idea.”

He was also warning that Depor is more dangerous without having pressure to win, “Yes, they have released the pressure and must also remind that they have quality players, besides practically the full squad has performed at Primera División and it wasn’t an accident, because they did it for many games. A professional goes out in order to win and, when they release the pressure, then things can work out. I’m also aware that when you are anxious you can end up not having the best of the games, but I’m sure the game will be exciting, with tension but I’m convinced we will have the reward that the fans and the players deserve.”

Finally, Machin was admitting that this has been a highly disputed season at Segunda, “Without doubt, it was like that since matchday 01. You can see it as all the teams play for something. Even the game Numancia-Eibar, despite been scheduled for Sunday, has something at stake as they play for the leadership. It was the target of the ones that made up this league with a playoff for the promotion: to have excitement until the end last match.”



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