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13 Jun 2014
Juan Dominguez is the RCDLC.com player of the season 2013/14; the centre midfielder was a key piece in the promotion campaign of Deportivo, perhaps not the morale leader of the group, but a guide on the pitch with his passes.

Contrary to what happened two years ago, the team that clinched the promotion back to Primera División was based in former academy players; to the point that four of the five players with more minutes where ex-Fabril members. Among them Juan Dominguez, who actually was the player at the first team that spent more time on the pitch during the Segunda tournament.

Despite now been one of the team’s captains the Pontedeume-born player is measured and never showed himself as a morale leader, in this sense the role of Valerón, and more recently Culio, was still vacant in a team that at times, mainly in the second round, seemed to miss a real leader.

However, the impact of Juan Dominguez at the team cannot be denied. He had the best passing ratio (85.9%) and was among the best stats in almost every department, including leading the number of fouls committed, which should be a surprise taking in mind his staid spirit.

Dominguez had problems at the moment of been placed as the playmaker in the schemes of Fernando Vázquez, often he was swallowed by the lack of ideas showed by the team during this season, but was always important at the moment of performing as a centre midfielder; actually the best football of Depor on this season came in the last part of the tournament with him performing as the lonely pivote in a 4-1-4-1 figure. Also, the LFP named him as part of the best starting eleven in the league, forming in a 3-5-2 figure in which he was the only pivote.

The peña members of RCDLC.com chose Juan Dominguez as the best player of the season; it can be described as exercise of constancy as the midfielder barely earned a MOM (man of the match), but instead was in the top three lists in several games, especially in the last part of the season. And it’s that he was the MOM in only two opportunities: the visits to Real Jaén and Real Madrid Castilla, but his consistency allowed to be the only player that earned two Player of the Month awards (December and April)


1st Juan Domínguez 75pts
2nd Insua 67pts
3rd Culio 48pts
4th Luisinho 47pts
5th Juan Carlos 39pts
6th Marchena 37pts
7th Sissoko 35pts
8th Lux 33pts
9th Alex 27pts
10th Rudy 26pts
11th Laure 24pts
12th Borja Bastón 19pts
13th Lopo 18pts
14th Seoane 17pts
14th Arizmendi 17pts
16th Luis 16pts
16th Salomão 16pts
18th Toché 15pts
19th Fabricio 13pts
20th Rabello 12pts
21st Núñez 9pts
22nd Wilk 8pts
23rd Ifrán 7pts
24th Teles 5pts
25th Bruno Gama 2pts
25th Kaka 2pts
27th Uxio 1pt
27th Quique Fornos 1pt
29th Manuel Pablo 0pts



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