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17 Sep 2006
Happiness was the main sensation lived after the second win in la liga. Caparr??s, Lendoiro and the players are convinced that things are going in the right direction. Meanwhile Villarreal's coach, Manuel Pellegrini, is convinced that his team didn't deserve the defeat.

Coach Joaqu?­n Caparr??s was delighted with the victory of his squad: "I believe that they have played a great match against a big rival. We were superior to Villarreal, especially during the first half. Although they had a few chances in the second period, we dominated every phase of this game, this result is giving us the morale to continue."

The Sevillan coach was once again asked about the lack of goals in his strikers: "They say that this team doesn't have goals, well... we have five so far. Football is collective, we have to keep both feet on the ground, but we must be ambitious too. The players that weren't called up were in the locker room and that give us positive sensations too."

Joan Capdevila was the main protagonist of the night, the Catalan defender described the first goal and the intentions of Depor for the rest of the competition: "If you don't try it, you will not succeed with it. I just probed and it worked out. So it's phenomenal! I believe that the intention of the team is to be strong at home, it was a task that we didn't fulfil in the past season but now we are achieving that mission. This team has a connection and you can see that on the pitch."

Cristian Hidalgo debuted as a starter and the public at the Riazor will have been impressed with his performance. He is convinced that Deportivo must face la liga game by game: "We must go little by little, because my experience has taught me that if you have objectives for the whole season, you will not fulfil them at the end. If we go game by game, we will be at the top."

Juan Rodr?­guez preferred to be prudent with the result achieved by Deportivo: "We will not score three goals in every game, and all the matches won't be like the one in Mallorca. We have played a good game and the squad must follow the same line."

President Lendoiro confessed that he was very nervous during the game: "I always applaud because I suffer a lot. Both squads had enough chances to score and I suffered right until the end:" Depor's president was also happy to see his team conquer first place in the table, although it was for only one night: "At least we were at the top for one night, we have to celebrate it as we are the leaders at the end of Saturday, a fact that we haven't seen for a long time."

Meanwhile, Villarreal is suffering the other side of the story, the Valencian team is at the bottom of the table and their coach, Manuel Pellegrini, is convinced that his squad didn't deserve the defeat: "We enjoyed four or five occasions in the second half, and for this reason I don't think that Depor was superior to us. They scored in the only chance they had in the second period, while Aouate played a great match. It isn't good to be scoreless in la liga, but I'm sure that we will recover our previous level."

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