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22 Jun 2014
One of the keys for next season was to decide what to do with the ten players that are ending their links with Deportivo on June 30. For now two players were already renewed, while two key renewals are close to happen.

Ten of the twenty-two players that played the last part of the season with Deportivo are ending their link with the club on June 30. That’s why it’s highly important to decide what to do with them at the moment of building up the squad for the next Primera season. It will also determine the signings that the club will need.

German Lux, Albert Lopo, Carlos Marchena, Antonio Núñez and Toché were the five players ending contract. The case of Manuel Pablo must be also included here, the captain had a four-year deal, but last season was supposed to be his last year as a footballer (the deal was to move him to the club’s chart).

This is the section where the club has made more movements until now, to the point of practically resolving all the cases. So far the club already completed the renewals of Lopo and Manuel Pablo, while the case of Toché can also be understood as a renewal as the striker had a clause in his six-month contract allowing a renewal in case of securing the promotion to Primera. The club will execute the clause and the Murcian striker will stay for next season.

Then it’s clear that Marchena and Núñez won’t continue. So, the only unresolved case is Lux. The club presented a two-year renewal with the option of a third season, currently the goalkeeper is thinking of it and according to Radio Galega the deal could be signed during the weekend.

Lux had a problem staying in Spain, because he’s now the ‘victim’ of the changes in the tax regime. Until 2009 professionals earning €600,000 or more in Spain were only paying taxes for 24%, which was usually referred in the country as the “Beckham law” (a law used to attract big players), but the financial problems in Spain forced a change. Now, and after a period of three years, the Argentine goalie must pay taxes of 52% with a floor now reduced to €300,000.

It means that Lux, despite been favoured with a new contract with bigger wages, will actually collect less moment than the previous contract during the season at Segunda, because he has to pay much more taxes. That’s why he was studying the option of playing in a foreign league.

Another case that the club consider fundamental is Juan Dominguez. The midfielder ends his contract until 2015, but Deportivo want to renew him now and not face the tough situation of losing the player for free on next summer. According to Radio Onda Cero he could sign the renewal on next week.

Then the case of the four players that played at Depor loaned by other clubs: Bryan Rabello, Ibrahim Sissoko, Diogo Salomão and Diego Ifrán. The club hasn’t made any movement to extend their continuity at the club, though Fernando Vázquez will welcome them for the Primera campaign.

It’s understand that the club’s officials will try to negotiate new loans for Salomão and Sissoko, the latter is the toughest case as his parent club, VfL Wolfsburg, want €1 million for the operation, while Ifrán told to the media on Thursday that he wants to return to A Coruña in case that Real Sociedad don’t count with him for the new season.



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