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26 Jun 2014
The players from Fabril had a discrete participation with the first team during last season, now that the team clinched the promotion to Primera their presence will probably be smaller .Some of the lads could end loaned out.

The players formed at Deportivo’s academy were the base of the team that competed last season at Segunda División. At times there were up to six former academy members taking part of the lineups. For the decisive game against Real Jaén there were five (Seoane, Insua, Laure, Juan Dominguez and Juan Carlos); also remembering that two players were promoted on a permanent basis on last campaign (Luis and Insua).

But last season was also understood as a great opportunity to see the current players at Fabril having a chance to demonstrate their skills performing for the first team. In the end only seven Fabril’s lads had the chance to play in an official game, and only four had minutes at Liga Adelante (Uxío, Bicho, Teles and Dani Iglesias).

These four lads combined had 326 minutes on the pitch. It was too little to obtain conclusions and below the expectations in a short-numbered team, at least at the beginning of the campaign.  And on the new season this presence will be smaller, to the point that it could end to be only testimonial. After all, the level at Primera is higher and Fernando Vázquez has other plans.

In this sense Uxío was already released, while the club is searching for loan spells for Lemos and Teles. About Bicho, Depor’s coach said at the end of the season that he was expecting for a ‘major role’ for the playmaker on the new campaign.  However, his continuity remains uncertain after been linked with a move to Barcelona FC.

All this means that it shouldn’t be expected to see Fabril’s players competing at Primera on next season, their presence will only be allowed in order to cover casualties. At the same time the first team will continue to have a strong presence of former academy players, because Juan Dominguez, Laure, Diego Seoane, Fabricio and Álex Bergantiños will continue to appear in the lineups.



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