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02 Jul 2014
Albert Gil is the new chief of Depor’s academy; it’s the latest change made to the chart of the club and the first affecting the structure of the youth teams. In the coming days the club will announce the names of the coaches.

On Monday the club confirmed that Albert Gil Galve is the new chief of Depor’s academy (coordinator of the youth teams). The Catalan man has many degrees, including the UEFA license to coach a team, and a large experience, including working at the academies of Real Madrid and Valencia CF.

Since 2009 the job has been for Miguel Gamallo, but the arrival of president Tino Fernández is changing the structure of the club. Two weeks ago the club announced the first changes and this is the first one that affects the structure of the academy.

Albert Gil will be responsible among other things for exploring the market searching for talent, job in which he will be helped by José Luis Devesa, negotiate and seal all the signings for the teams; he also co-ordinates with all the coaches the promotion of players between the teams.

The professionalization of the academy was a process that began with former president Lendoiro, but that will be solidified now. The club still has to confirm if the current structure with five sections will still on: Administration (directed by José Manuel Garrote and José Antonio García), Education (directed by José Garrote), Initiation (directed by Manuel Pulido), Training Control (directed by Antonio Rodriguez ‘Anto’), Educational Area (Macario Bravo) and performance specialization (Juan Riveiro), though the latter section is changing as Riveiro left the club on Monday.

In the coming days the club will also release the names of the coaches that will direct the eleven teams at the academy. For now the only official thing is that Manu Mosquera will coach Deportivo B. On Monday it was rumoured that José Ramón (Fran’s brother) was going to be the coach of Juvenil A.



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