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18 Sep 2006
The final of the Teresa Herrera was the debut of Coloccini in the midfield. We are not talking about a new signing (the Argentinean signed for Depor in January of 2004), it's the latest change made by Depor's coach.

Coloccini has found a place in Deportivo's midfield, and his image of been a central defender is now a blast from the past. Caparr??s knew that Duscher was close to his exit from the club so Caparr??s decided to experiment with Coloccini in the defensive midfield position. The results have exceeded expectations, and the squad now has a defensive midfielder with a special capability: the Argentinean knows how to pass the ball. Thereforce, depor possesses a weapon in Coloccini who can link between the attack and defense.

But the transformation of Coloccini shouldn't be a surprise, specially taking in account the characteristics of Joaqu?­n Caparr??s. The Sevillan coach is an expert in making changes in the player's position. His biggest success was the reconversion of Julio C?©sar Baptista in Sevilla. The Brazilian player arrived to Spain as a defensive midfielder, Caparr??s saw his potential and the Sevillan gave him the option to advance his position. Two years later, Baptista had 38 goals scored in Primera and Real Madrid was paying €24 million for him.

And the Utrera-born coach has continued with his reconversions in La Coru?±a: Arizmendi on the right wing, Riki on the left, Juan Rodr?­guez as a playmaker... Coloccini is performing well in pivote position in the early goings of  la liga, he is helping in the destruction of opposition attacking plays aswell as participating in the offensive efforts of his team. Besides the Argentinean has improved his discipline. On the past season, every tackle made by him was a probable red card, now he is only making 'tactical fouls', Infringments that don't mean any danger for the Galician squad.

The reconversion of Coloccini has other positive results. Caparr??s has reduced the competition for the central defense position. Right now he has four candidates for the job instead of five: Lopo, Arbeloa, Juanma and Andrade. He is also creating competition in midfield. Duscher and Sergio were the starters last season and now they have a new rival for a place in the starting lineup, a fact that can motivate them to do a better job.

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