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10 Jul 2014
Depor’s president explained the reasons why Fernando Vázquez was fired. He assured that there were a lot of things that dragged into a lack of confidence, with the icing of the declarations made by the coach on Sunday.”

On Wednesday, Tino Fernández offered a press conference that lasted an hour.  He clarified that the exit of former coach Fernando Vázquez was caused by the sum of several attitudes, which reached the peak on last Sunday when ‘El Profesor’ criticized the signings during a training camp in the city of Arzúa.  He denied that the incident caused the destitution; instead he said that it was the “icing” that ended breaking a relation that was already having problems.

“For the interest of Deportivo, and after the words of Vázquez himself, I will offer a deeper explanation.  The exit of the coach was agreed between the members of the board of directors; all six of them. I don’t think that someone involved in the project can make those comments [talking of signing a 6th or 7th option]  The motive of his exit is the lack of confidence. You have it or not. A member of the club cannot make those declarations. The journalists that were there and the club’s officials understood what he said.” He started saying.

Fernández clarified later that the board of directors understood that Vázquez was not having a connection with the project, “The declarations made in Arzúa were the stroke that broke the camel's back. I guess everybody will be upset if your future boss says that you are the sixth or seventh option. He also said that we’ll have more money. Off course we have more money, but the difference is that now we are competing at Primera, not at Segunda. He wasn’t fired for the declarations made in Arzúa, but for a lack of confidence and his latest speech contributed to lose that confidence.”

Depor’s boss insisted that Vázquez was always the first choice for the Primera season, but that a series of incidents moved them to change their minds. “For us he was the confirmed coach for next season. But he only came to work once after June 30. He was the option at 100%. He clinched the results and I congratulated him, but he isn’t the right person for the job.  Sincerely, he was our only option until what happened in Arzúa.”

“We don’t think that Deportivo have failed to Fernando Vázquez. It was him who failed to the board of directors. We don’t see him having the needed hope to lead the project. The problems should be talked in the inside. If you aren’t happy, then you call Richard [Barral] or me. I want someone that says things directly. We can be wrong, but will never hide. If we believe that someone isn’t totally plugged, then we need a change. His gestures and other things made me think that there was no chemistry with him.”

On the day before, Vázquez was complaining that they were stealing from him the chance to train at Primera, now Tino answered that, “We haven’t stolen anything. He’ll have his bonus, wages and everything else. But we need a project that works in a certain way. We have been criticized for the way in which he was fired. We did it directly, face to face. Not by letter and neither using the physiologist.”

The president also clarified that the cost of the dismissal is part of the salary cap for the new season; “I cannot talk of the cost of his exit. In the past the club hung the contract of Fran in the Internet and ended paying €60,000, which was a fine. The cost of his exit is part of the salary cap. The way to fix this is to cash more money or to spend less. He was requesting a salary increase, but told him that there was a contract already signed.”

Another thing that Tino confirmed was that Deportivo were already losing signings due to the coach’s declarations. “There are players that phoned us and said: if I’m the sixth or seventh option then I won’t go there. I don’t want to talk bad things of him, but will only give you a hint to make you see how things were going. No one on here will phone the players in order to tell them that the president has nothing to do with the signings. Do you see it? Lucas didn’t want to come, then the coach talked to him and suddenly the player told us that he wasn’t coming. There's no need to indirectly tell us things through the media. We work as a group, face-to-face."

He also mentioned an incident referred as the “Marchena’s case” something that he explained, “I don’t want more Marchena’s cases at Deportivo. Here, if one person gets it wrong, we all get it wrong. I don’t want divorces between signings of the coach and signings of the president. We were lacking chemistry. It is what I can say.”

About who will be the new coach, there were no names, but the president expects the new coach will step in before Monday, “We don’t know yet the name of the new coach. The new coach could be announced today, tomorrow or the next day. I believe we will have the coach ready before Monday. We want someone already knowing Spanish football and Primera División. We must recognize that Fernando was orientated towards the stands and we must try to repeat it. I don’t know if the new coach will be more sympathetic to the fans, we just want to see him working with the players.”

Then, and once again, the president clarified that Vázquez was fired as the board of directors noticed a lack of commitment not with the club, but with the project, “It’s not that he didn’t have hope to stay at Depor, but to work with us, the board of directors. For us is crazy to go out in order to compete with something in which we don’t believe. We cannot go out having issues. I'm not going to speak badly of Vazquez; I just don't see him as part of our project"

“We don’t go out for the sixth or seventh option, if not then ten players will be already here. We could possibly announce two signings tonight, or tomorrow, and those will be out first choices. It’s not true that I was expecting for an error to fire him. If there was a feeling that I was awaiting for an error to sack Vazquez, then it's not true. Many people think that for mentioning things in Twitter it will become truth.” He added.

Finally, Tino Fernández believes that the current problems aren’t affecting the campaign to get more socios, “I believe the campaign is working out. There’s an important increase of subscriptions, evidently what we want is more Deportivistas, not Tinistas and neither Lendoristas. I guess that we want real Deportivistas. We are a board of directors that will fight for that, to see them paying, because this is a spectacle. We are still discovering things, like the fact there were 75 memberships at Tribuna that weren’t paid. I can only send the message: we all have to pay. I'm not here to build a career in football; I'm only here because of my love for Deportivo."



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