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11 Jul 2014
Depor’s new coach was presented on Thursday during a press conference that lasted thirty minutes. He’s signing for one year and said that he likes to play good football and also that he has confidence in the academy players.

On Thursday’s evening president Tino Fernández presented new coach Víctor Fernández at the Riazor; firstly he was photographed at the pitch and later addressed the media at the press room. The president said that he’s signing for one season.  “Víctor is coming with a lot of hope. He’s betting in the project and it’s a big joy to have him here with us.”

Then Víctor Fernández talked to the media and explained why he’s only signing for one season, “I didn’t think too much about the terms of the contract. I’m just signing for one season. A year is enough as a starting point. It’s the best thing for both parties.”

“I want to thank the president, the board of directors and the other coaches for trusting in me. I’m hopeful and convinced with this project. The true is that everything was really quick; we have been talking for the past two days. For now I am only coming with a physical trainer, and the rest of the staff hasn’t been closed yet.” He added.

The Aragonian coach is conscious that Deportivo will fight for the permanence and that a reconstruction at the team is needed, “We must leave Depor at Primera, which is the place they deserve. We know this is a complicate year in which we need will and to guess right with the decisions. It's necessary to sign many players. We start with an economic handicap and have to work meticulously. A reconstruction is needed at the team and I understand that we need to sign a lot of players.”

Víctor Fernández during the press conference

One of the things criticized to Fernández is his lack of confidence in academy players, at least in his previous clubs. The ex-Zaragoza coach said that he’s ready to use them, “I won’t despise the academy players. It’s better to play with the players from here. Truly if you ask me now I won’t know the name of the centre-back or the left-back at the B team, but you will surely see some of them on Monday [to begin the pre-season]”

He also clarified that his teams plays attractive football, “I have always defended the fact of practicing football to make people enjoy, also to see me happy and to see the fans excited with it. I’m also amused to know that people on here like the kind of game that we practice. I know that the fans have a good taste for football, but this Deportivo will also defend.”

About exits and arrivals, he said that some exits are already decided and that he understands that the full squad won’t be ready for Monday, “This process will be long and complicated. I would love to have all the players on Monday, but I guess it will take long. There are some decisions with the players that are already done. Because there’s a consensus.”

Asked about his past at Celta and Zaragoza, he said that prefers to be judged by the present, “I’m a professional, passionate of football. For me this is a challenge and will fight to earn the hearts of the Deportivistas. I won titles at other clubs, but the important thing is the present. I cannot be judged by the past, no matter is good or bad.”

“For me this is a pleasant surprise. You know that this club has an impressive history. Our advantage is the strength of Deportivismo. Everything was decided in two days. Maybe there were other coaches with more titles, but I guess the president chose me for something. Depor is a tempting club.” He finalized.



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