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15 Jul 2014
Depor’s captain was the first player to address the media during the new season. He talked to reporters at Abegondo’s press room after completing the first medicals. He’s surprised with the exit of Fernando Vázquez and expects for a tough season.

Manuel Pablo addressed the media on Monday. He was surprised with the news that Fernando Vázquez was no longer the coach of Deportivo, “The true is that things were hurried within the last days and well… it’s a change and nothing more. We already had the first contact [with the new coach] and everything has been really fast. We will start working in the afternoon and he’ll start to know each player. “

“I was surprised for what it happened and heard what was going on through the television. I am surprised; this is a change that we didn’t expect. Still, we have to accept it. The board of directors made their choice and now we must work since the first day, always knowing the season is going to be tough. Let’s hope everything will be fine and that we won’t suffer, but I believe that, as things are, we will suffer.” He added

The right-back, who is 38, also commented about extending his career as a player for one more year, “I always said what my intentions were. It didn’t depend on me, but on the officials and coaches. Now I am content for been here. We need to work in order to make things work, always trying to bring things to the team.”

The Canarian defender hinted that this should be his last year as a footballer, “For the moment I think this is the last one [he laughed] and am not thinking of anything else. I just think of helping and neither will be here passing the time. I will fight in order to play. But the important thing is that we must remain united, knowing it won’t be a pretty season in which you will win a lot of games. The season that’s coming means that we need to fight and be united.”

He denied that veterans like him are the ones that will carry with the responsibility in the new Primera season, “I believe the players on the field, the ones that are competing, are the ones carrying away with the situation. We can give advices for been older, but everyone is responsible on here. We are hoping to sign more people, especially at midfield and attack. The club is working on that.”

Finally, Manuel Pablo said once again that Depor must be prepared to suffer, “We must go out with humility, knowing it will be a difficult season and probably that we’ll suffer a lot of defeats. Within the situation we need to be united and with a clear head, because last year we were fine, but suffered defeats and you start to have doubts in your mind. Let’s hope things will work out in order to avoid the suffering.”



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