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16 Jul 2014
First press conference for coach Víctor Fernández. He admitted that a lot of signings are needed at Depor and also admitted the interest on Bojan. He also talked of the challenges for the new season; the first one is to fight for the permanence.

Víctor Fernández addressed the media for the first time after been named as Deportivo’s coach. He talked for nineteen minutes about signings and what he found at Depor, the Aragonian man pointed that two big signings will be made though it will be necessary to wait twenty days. Víctor also confessed that to fight for the permanence is a new thing to him. The following is a summary of the main things said by the coach.

“I’m content in a personal sense and happy. I have been welcomed and people trust in me, so I must try to correspond and bring joy to them. In a professional sense I am also satisfied as I perceive an intention of the club in order to do the right things. We must row in the same direction during a season that means the return to Primera División.”

“We have only worked for two days and the sessions were an introduction in order to meet the players. No big conclusions can be extracted from here. It was an introduction and the players are willing to work, which is normal as there isn’t tension and neither nervousness for the points. There’s no internal competition between starters and substitutes, so there’s a healthy environment. The typical things in a pre-season made at your own house.”

“I am in the phase of knowing all the coaching staff and I believe we have people prepared for the job. Let’s say that Roberto [Cabellud] will direct the physical part and will have the role of been the assistant, at least for now. Then I need to seize the presence of José [Franganillo], who has two virtues: the loyalty and the professionalism. You can go to the end of the world with those people. About the rest, I need to know them better. Later I’ve an idea in my head that I cannot advance yet, because it needs time.”

“Logically I know about it, there was a previous work that we are respecting and later there are now ideas based in new profiles of players. I don’t like to talk of players that we don’t have yet, but Lucas is a lad pending of the permission from his club. It’s an administrative issue of which I am not totally aware of it. In a sporting sense, he fits into the kind of player that we want. It’s a player that I want. I didn’t know him, but he has qualities that fit into our philosophy.”

“Yes, I talked to him, because I’ve a good relation with him; we’ve common friends. I like a lot Bojan, he’s a player that I like and fits into the profile. I believe he will find on here the needed space to explode as a player. I won’t deny the interest as it has been on the papers for a while, but won’t say anything else.”

 “To inform people about it: we are looking for players that are hungry. Young players with the will to improve and also to help since the first moment. Players that fit into our financial possibilities, which aren’t big. Players that can fit into the level of Primera División. So, we need three parameters: to be young, to be hunger and to respect our financial limitations. And if we point to one player in particular it is because these three steps are fulfilled.”

“There will be changes. Some subjects won’t change as we follow the same path; in other cases there will be big changes. We are looking for players that I like. We neither lost time as a lot remains. I hope we can have all the players available after the trip to Colombia, but there are many players that we need to sign. I hope we can have the 80% of the team ready after the trip to Colombia.”

“There are two players that are going to last more than twenty days in order to join us. Theoretically we are in a pole position in the race for those players, but these are important players at their clubs and they cannot simply leave them to us. We are talking of players that need to come loaned with specific conditions. We are having difficulties for those kinds of players, but need patience. We need to wait twenty days for those players ad with the rest, let’s hope they could be on here after Colombia. Those two players are really important; one of them is a midfielder. And no, Bojan isn’t one of them. We cannot wait twenty days for Bojan.”

“We are looking for players in all the lines, in all of them. Everything is a priority and I’m interested in players that can be important, later their performance will mark their status in the group, but at the beginning we need that kind of players and cannot make mistakes. It’s a lot of signings and surely won’t guess right in all the cases. It won’t happen that we will guess right in eight or ten signings, but we need a big percentage of success. What we need are players that can give guarantees about their success.  I told the president that we need to reinforce all the lines with the exception of the goal, place where we have two good goalkeepers, plus the ones from the B squad. The rest need to be reinforced.”

“Logically we need to search for an exit to the players that aren’t part of the plans, but I don’t know about deadlines. I mean we must respect all the players that have respected the shirt of Depor. I guess the club already talked to the agents of the players that don’t have a future on here. We know who these players are.”

“There’s a limitation in the number of players that can travel to Colombia. I still collecting data and already found a problem: there are no professional players at Fabril. I would have loved to see them training at the same time than the first team, so we can have a permanent exchange of players. We cannot do that and must respect it. But we’ll call two or three players to the trainings according to the needs. I have been told that they will be ready for us. They begin to train on Wednesday and will have more information later.”

“It’s atypical. The normal thing is to search for a fixed place to concentrate the team and then have 8 or 10 days of daily coexisting. It’s a very important period regarding the learning. The advantage that we have is our training pitch; when I saw the pitches I said that I was careless of the rest. The tour in Colombia will affect, because there will be big differences in the heat between the cities, plus the change in the hour. But we must assume it as we are forced by the LFP. We will have time after it, the squad will be better assembled and we will have time for a second phase in the adaptation process.”

“I want to thank the club for trusting me. I’ve never made a pre-season stage with the target of clinching the permanence, never in all the teams where I have been. So, it’s a new thing to me. Football is the same, but the goal is already defined with the president. He told me that it's fundamental for the stability of the club, later the goal is to create an stable base for the future. First we must look closely before looking away, and to look closely we need to make a team with a lot of new pieces. I need to be careful in order to fit all the pieces. We also need to practice football that could please the public. That’s my challenge. Depor aren’t ready to look forward, first we need to look closely. Rayo Vallecano is a perfect example, they played good football last year and also sought for the permanence and they clinched it one or two weeks before the end. But I already warned some of the footballers: Segunda has nothing to do with Primera. “



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