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17 Jul 2014
One of Deportivo’s captains, Juan Dominguez, talked to reporters after the first training on Wednesday. He admitted that his renewal isn’t closed yet and was also inviting Bojan Krkić to join Deportivo.

Juan Dominguez conceded a press conference on Wednesday; the main thing is that he admitted that his renewal for Depor isn’t closed yet, “I already said on last season that there’s interest in both sides, we already talked about it. We are willing to sit and talk, but since that point I prefer to not say anything, because it’s the best thing. My agent is doing that. I’m informed and they are the ones negotiating. I prefer to focus in training and prefer to not talk. I am not affected by this situation, this is normal. Often the negotiations are long. In the end there will be a decision favorable to all the parties and I’m calmed in this regard. I can only tell you that we are in contact, the club and the agent.”

About living another season at Primera, the midfielder is content and hopes to continue growing, “It means another season at Primera, not so long ago we were there, now with the mentality of the permanence, which is a different goal to last season. We have a renewed hope and are willing to start all over again. I hope it will be a year to improve, to become a better player. Naturally it depends on me, what won’t be missed is my sacrifice and will, later there are other circumstances, but my intention is to grow and to try to be a better player.”

Asked about the exit of Fernando Vázquez, the 24-year-old player said that he was surprised with the news, “Off course it surprised me, because no one waited for this, especially after conquering the goal on last season. But I don’t have all the information that leads to that decision and I guess there are more things.”

He was also asked if the new style brought by Víctor Fernández will be a benefit to him and the answer was, “It’s too soon to know, but according to the trainings it seems that the tasks are different. The coach is emphasizing the fact of having the ball and the passes. It’s a little different to the previous coach. As long as I could be benefited, the better. Let’s hope the new coach will like it. Evidently he won’t give me anything for free, because I must earn it during the trainings. Let’s see if my profile fits into his playing style.”

Dominguez isn’t surprised after the new coach said that he’s willing to reinforce all the lines at the team, “I see it logical. It’s rare to have the definitive team in the first day of the pre-season. I believe all the teams do the same; there are arrivals and exits, especially when you have a new coach, because he wants to build up a team according to his style. Besides, we don’t have too much players and is logical to see him bringing players for all the positions.”

He’s also content with the possibility of seeing Depor signing Bojan Krkić, “Any team would welcome a player with the talent of Bojan, evidently he’s a player that has been at the elite for many years, playing at the top, and a player like that will bring a lot of positive things.”

The Galician centre midfielder also explained that the players are calmer on this season after the financial problems lived during the past pre-season. This after been asked regarding the bonuses for clinching the promotion, “We reached an agreement, which is the better thing for the club. We did the better thing for the club and all the parties are content. The payments are up to date since January or February; it’s something that doesn’t affect you, because you are not pending on your economic future.”

Finally, Juan Dominguez wasn’t’ too happy with the trip to Colombia, but accept it as a need of the club, “If we are making the trip is for some motive, there’s something helping the club. Surely it’s a long trip and the change in the heat is big, so you need to manage these situations. But I believe it wasn’t made to harm anyone and we need to manage it carefully.”



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