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18 Jul 2014
Albert Lopo conceded a press conference on Thursday; he once again said that last season was a redeemer for him and also expects for reinforcements at the centre of the defense, sector that for now is only for him and Insua.

Last season helped to clean some ghosts after Deportivo clinched the promotion back to Primera, among the ones that felt relieved were Albert Lopo,“My conscience is in peace for how things were on last year. I made a risky decision, helping the team to be where it deserves to be and also to fell important again. So, this is a pride and a luxury to me. I signed the renewal and don’t think that we will back at Segunda for the second year. It’s opposite, I want to fulfill my contract been at Primera.” He said during Thursday’s press conference.

 “I said it when I arrived: the main goal was the promotion and help the team to return to Primera. Also to feel important again and the true is that we fulfilled everything. Besides, the club offered me a two-year renewal and I said that yes immediately.” The centre-back added.

Asked about the exit of Fernando Vázquez, the Catalan centre-back admitted that he was surprised, “It’s a decision that surprised everyone. The decision was made by the board of directors and we need to accept it. It doesn’t mean that I didn’t have a good relation with him. I had it and will still have it for a long time. He helped me a lot and I’m thankful. He already knows it as I told him.”

About new boss Víctor Fernández, Lopo knows that he needs time, “The new coach has new ideas; we all start from zero and must earn a spot no matter who the coach is. He’s an ordered coach that likes to pass the ball; he insists in not losing the ball and I’m sure that with the passage of the time we will look more carefully to what he wants.”

The ex-Getafe man isn’t surprised to realize that Depor are looking for centre-backs at the transfer market, this since it’s one of the weakest positions in terms of numbers, “It’s logical. We only have two centre-backs and it’s logical to sign one or two, because Primera División is highly demanding and it would be complicated to face the season with only two centre backs.”

The 34-year-old player also said that he doesn’t feel like a leader at the team, but admits that his experience will be useful, “We all must feel like leaders, maybe the age and the experience can bring an extra degree, so maybe the right word isn’t leader, but a veteran that can help the young ones to feel things. Everybody was a youngster and likes to see a leader with experience guiding the team.”

Finally, Lopo talked of the trip to Colombia, “I was here when we travelled to Venezuela. It doesn’t depend on us, because la liga is the one ordering this and we must assume it. It’s one more experience and will allow us to meet a new country, facing rivals that we never faced before. For us is different at the moment of preparing the new season.”



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