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20 Jul 2014
Deportivo are completing the first stage in the pre-season, it was a week with eleven training sessions mixing physical with tactical work. Wilk was sidelined and Lucas Pérez is the first player injured, curiously he was the last that joined the team.

The first phase of Depor’s pre-season is ending on Sunday as the first team, now coached by Víctor Fernández, will complete the eleventh training session (Abegondo, 10h00 CET). The second part on the pre-season involves a trip to South America as part of the LFP World Challenge.

As it was expected, the new coach isn’t emphasizing in the physical preparation, instead he’s mixing the exercises with tactical work, which is the characteristic of Fernández, a coach known for his predilection for a pretty style at the moment of playing the matches.

It doesn’t mean the team isn’t trying to improve the physical condition. In some cases the sessions have been long (90 minutes in some opportunities), though never represented a high charge for the players. It’s one of the differences with former coach Vázquez, who normally scheduled exhausting sessions during the first week of the pre-seasons.

Víctor Fernandez during Monday’s training, the first session on the pre-season

Canella & Cuenca, the first two signings of the season, already train with the team

Fabril’s David Gómez is one of the three keepers at the team

Tactical explanations by Víctor Fernández

Rudy and Queijeiro, the latter is the main novelty in the trainings

Cezary Wilk is the only player training apart

Stefan Deák from Fabril joined the trainings on Friday

Lucas during his first training with the team and before suffering the injury

Fernández has had 26 players available during this period; 19 are from the first team including new arrivals Roberto Canella, Isaac Cuenca and Lucas Pérez, the latter joined the trainings on Saturday. Then there were seven players from Depor B; goalkeeper David Gómez, centre-back Stefan Deák, left-back Jorge Fernández, centre midfielder Álvaro Queijeiro, wingers Cañi and Miguel Cardoso plus attacker Dani Iglesias. Striker Luis Fernández started the pre-season with the team, but he left on Friday after closing his loan to CD Lugo.

Despite it was only the first week there are already novelties related to the injuries. Centre midfielder Cezary Wilk is working apart; the Polish is dragging a calf injury from last season and will join the group after the South American tour.

New arrival Lucas Pérez picked an ankle sprain during his second session with the team and was ruled out of the trip to Colombia. Winger Rudy also picked an injury in the same session (Soleus) and is doubtful for the South American tour. Meanwhile, left-back Luisinho picked an ankle knock on Friday’s morning, but he was already fine for the afternoon.



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