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20 Jul 2014
New signing Roberto Canella conceded an interview to newspaper La Opinión A Coruña, the left-back offered his first impressions after training with Depor and offered his view of the season that’s about to start.

Q: What surprised you the most at the club?
A: It's nice to go into the changing room and being treated like at home. I’s a very healthy team, a humble squad that takes cares of the ones arriving. It’s an honor to enter and to be treated like you have spent your whole life there. It’s very nice.

Q: Were you afraid of the possible reception that you could have on here?
A: It was a little weird, because I have spent fifteen years in Gijón and eight years at the first team. I never had left the team. You´re always are a little afraid, that rare feeling of not knowing how it will the situation at other team, but in the end football is all the same and was also lucky to find a group like this one. That's a plus.

Q: Did you hesitate due to the surprising exit of Fernando Vazquez?
A: For nothing, I didn’t learn immediately of the reason why Vázquez was fired. Those are things decided from the club. I've been focused on mine, involved in my work, which is to train and convince the coach, whoever he is.

Q: Victor Fernandez has an opposite philosophy to Vázquez...
A: I don’t know how Fernando Vázquez trained the team, his playing style was surely to be locked at the back. Victor Fernandez loves playing with the ball; he wants to see aids and to practice a collective game. The trainings are very entertaining, because although there’s an intense physical work it’s always pretty to work in this way.

Q: Your position is one of the few that are already covered at the team…
A: I’m expecting for competition, because there are players performing in my position who can do well, that's the beauty of football. When a player has low competition then his performance is lower, but when you find coworkers who cover the position you can always keep a high level of competition, that’s what makes football beautiful. I could be lucky and play, but will try to give my best at the moment of playing with the team. When I could be on the bench I will be supporting my partner, that’s clear.

Q: Do you think you will find a very different Primera compared to the one you met with Sporting?
A: The Primera División has always been complicated. The seasons I played there were characterized for having good teams. Finally, when a team is strong and tough times come there are more chances to get out of difficult situations. The good thing is that we have that strength at the changing room and if the complicated situations arrive then we are going to cope better, but it will be a complicated Liga and it will be difficult to reach the target.

Q: What convinced you to come and leave your team of your whole life?
A: Deportivo is a historic club, a great team at the Primera Division and besides is close to my home. At the end many things got together to make this decision and play here during this season.



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