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20 Sep 2006
Deportivo continued with their 'internal tour' of Galicia. This time the rival was a Tercera division club – Laracha. Depor won thanks to two goals scored by Bodipo and Estoyanoff. The Guinean striker was the main protagonist until he became injured in the 35th minute. It is a serious injury.

The game started well for Deportivo. The Blanquiazules dominated and soon the first goal arrived. Bodipo met Verd??’s cross from the left and sent it to the back of the net after eluding a couple of defenders (4'). Depor continued pushing for more goals, and twelve minutes later Fabi??n Estoyanoff scored the second goal. Once again it was Verd?? who got the assist.

And then the injuries started to arrive. First it was Juli??n de Guzm??n who left the pitch in the19th minute. He was having muscular problems, and Adri??n L??pez made his debut for Deportivo by replacing the Canadian player. The appearance of the Asturian striker could cause problems for Depor since the conflict with Oviedo over the rights of the 18-year-old player has not been solved yet. And that could mean more legal troubles for the club.

But the most worrisome moment of the night arrived just before half-time. Bodipo was in midfield when he twisted his right knee, breaking one of the ligaments as a result. The Guinean striker was replaced by the youngster Juan Dom?­nguez.

During the second half, Depor's players were more worried about Bodipo than about their own game. However, the youngster Adri??n impressed with his individual skills, and almost scored the third goal, but keeper Casal contained his effort. Iago was also close to scoring but his shot hit the post. Some of the players were in unusual positions, like Iago who performed as a left winger and Juan Dom?­nguez who played as a pivote. The only clear chance for the home side came from the boots of Carlitos, but Mun??a stopped the ball.

Dr. Barral said when Bodipo was replaced that the case seemed to be serious. The doctor was right and the hospital analysis confirmed that the striker had broken a ligament in his right knee. He will go through surgery to correct the problem, and as a result will be out of action for six to eight months – basically the rest of the season.

Espanyol has finally protested the signing of Albert Lopo with Deportivo. The Catalan defender’s contract with Espanyol ended in June and he refused to renew it. Most clubs in Spain signed a deal in which they agreed to pay a fee if these kinds of cases occurred. Espanyol is protesting the details of this deal, but Deportivo is arguing that the deal wasn't ratified and that it’s not obligated to fulfill it. The case could end up in civil court since it was a deal between clubs, one that is outside the jurisdiction of La Liga authorities and the Spanish Football Federation.

Laracha: Casal - Marcos, Dani, Michel, Juan, Torrente - Nacho, Rub?©n, David - Fabi??n, Carlitos.
Also played: Peristal, Cano, Pitu, Samaniego, Nando and Adri??n
Deportivo: Mun??a - Manuel Pablo, Rodri, Juanma, Filipe - De Guzm??n (Adrian 19'), Duscher - Estoyanoff, Verd??, Iago - Bodipo (Juan Dom?­nguez 35').
Goals: 0-1: (4') Bodipo, 0-2: (16') Estoyanoff
Referee: Rodr?­guez Campos
Venue: Municipal de Laracha (1,500)

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