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28 Jul 2014
Álex Bergantiños addressed the media after landing in A Coruña. The midfielder admitted the problems during the South American tour, but also admitted that it was necessary. He isn’t worried for the signings and neither for the league calendar.

On Sunday, Álex Bergantiños offered a press conference at the Riazor. He talked to reporters before completing the training session and just after landing from Colombia. He was saying that Depor needed to play this tour, “Truly the trip was hard and long, we are exhausted after 24 hours, but well, we trained and played there, which was what we wanted. Despite the negative results the team added more training sessions and games, little by little we are knowing the new coach and are adapting to the new things. We must continue improving. It was a compromise that we needed to fulfill and in the present times you need of this in order to have more incomes. Depor is one more club and we did it. Now we need to start preparing the liga.”

“Truly the conditions weren’t the best ones: the height, the heat and the fact of been facing teams with more work in this pre-season. Besides, we played the second game after only 48 hours and with only a few players available. So, the tiredness was noticed, we didn’t have freshness and it was determinant. In the end it’s good to play these kinds of friendly games, it forces you to give more and it’s a good thing that will be useful for the season.” He added.

The midfielder also believes that new coach Víctor Fernández won’t rule out any of the players that performed during the tour, at least now, because they were playing under adverse circumstances, “He knew that the conditions weren’t the best ones and I’m sure that this stage won’t reduce the chances of the players. He will judge us taking in mind what we did before and what we are going to do during the trainings.”

He was also commenting the arrival of the new signings that will compete for a spot at midfield, “More people that will add things. We know that we are going to have exits and arrivals until the start in liga. José Rodríguez is a young lad that has been competing at the top in recent years. The team needs to be competitive. We are at Primera and need a better level, so surely we are going to get top players.”

The Galician player was looking forward to the next week in this pre-season, “We are now going to rest and must try to improve our preparation, now we are going to face other rivals with other kind of football. Let’s see if we can improve and show a better level of what we showed in the previous matches.”

He didn’t want to talk of a target for the new season, “It’s too soon to judge, besides everything has been conditioned by the trips and the casualties that we had. The team remains under construction and it will be difficult for the coach to build up the team. I guess the coach will insist in the fluidity of the ball.”

Finally, Álex didn’t like the final part of the league calendar, but said that he isn’t worried for it, “We must face all the rivals, but what we didn’t like is that, within the last six games, we have to play four times outside home. It’s a detail. In the end we have to face all the rivals. We need to add a lot of points to not reach the final stage in need. The calendar is a matter of streaks.”



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