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29 Jul 2014
The sixth signing of the season 2014/15 underwent the medicals on Monday and will be presented today. The Argentine playmaker assumes this opportunity at the Spanish League as a challenge.

Luis Fariña arrived late on Sunday to A Coruña, the morning after he was undergoing the medicals. President Tino Fernández confirmed that he and the other players that haven’t been presented yet will be introduced to the fans on Tuesday (Riazor, 20h30 CET).

Before making the medicals the player talked to reporters and expressed his satisfaction after joining Depor, “I’m really happy with this challenge. I’m willing to start training and meet my partners. People has said great things of this team. I know it’s a club with a large history. I’m eager to start and we will see what happens during the games.”

The Argentine man also clarified that he feels better performing in the playmaker’s role, “My function on the pitch was always to perform as a playmaker. But I haven’t talked to the coach yet. Maybe he will need me in another position. We will see what he decides.”

He was pretty happy for having the chance to play at Primera División, “I’m really content. This is the best league and am anxious to start training. I am eager to play the friendly games and later to perform in the regular season.”

Finally, Fariña talked of the possible arrival of Bruno Zuculini, his partner at Racing, “I was reading the papers. Many players that performed with me at Racing are now playing on here. It’s a new point of motivation for me. We are friends since our stage at Racing and let’s hope he could be here soon.”




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