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21 Sep 2006
This year the Yom Kippur will take place on October 1st., exactly the day in which Depor has to face Real Sociedad at the Riazor (18h00). However, Aouate says that he will play the game, a fact that's giving him some problems in his country.

Yom Kippur is the Jewish Day of Atonement. It's the most holy day of the Jewish year, it's commemorated with a 24-hour intensive prayer. Eating, drinking, washing, cosmetics, wearing leather shoes, and conjugal relations are prohibited.

Dudu Aouate is the first Israeli player in Deportivo's history, the keeper respects the Jewish tradition, but he is ready to do some 'small changes' in order to fulfil his obligations with Deportivo. The Jewish law says that the Yom Kippur begins a half an hour before sundown, and ends after nightfall the following day.

The game against Real Sociedad will take place before sundown (18h00), and Aouate is ready to delay his obligation in order to play the match, a fact that he explained to sportpaper AS: "If the Yom Kippur starts at seven as example, and if the game is played at the same hour, you can start at nine the commemoration, it's a 24-hour ceremony and I will have to end it at nine of the following day. I hope that we can play on Saturday, but if we have to play on Sunday, I won't have any problem."

But now Aouate has a problem. A political party in Israel, Shas, is reacting and asking to exclude the keeper from the national team. A member of the party, Iaacov Margui, said in a letter to the Jewish football federation that: "Our national team must represent the state of Israel. And who doesn't respect the Yom Kippur, is somebody that shouldn't represent our country." The match will be played in one week, and with the political pressure over him, Aouate will have to take a decision about it. The club hasn't made any official comment about this issue.

Aouate talked with AS about other themes, he said that the comparison with Molina is something that can't be done yet, since he hasn't won the things that the Valencian keeper achieved: "I have confidence in my skills, but I know what Molina have done. He has a marvellous career. I will love to conquer the half of his achievements. Molina won la liga, la copa... He is a great player and as far as I know, he is also a wonderful person."

The Israeli keeper also made a curios confession: "I don't see me as the indisputable starter in the squad." He also reminded the things that he lived during his arrival to Depor: "When the last season ended, I said that I was wishing to progress, and when they told me that Depor was after me, I started to push in Santander. The day in which I signed for Depor was the happiest one in my life, but I was also sad for leaving Santander. Life is like this."

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