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31 Jul 2014
Depor’s coach addressed the media on Wednesday; he talked of signings and gave his opinion on some of the new additions and current players. The Aragonian also talked of the stage in Portugal and the league calendar.

Víctor Fernández talked to reporters for 20 minutes during the press conference held at Abegondo on Wednesday. The new coach of Deportivo explained his goals for the mini-stage in Portugal and said that he believes that six new players will be signed. The following is a summary of the press conference:

“The priority is to measure the physical work, starting on next week we will change it, because I believe the squad will be more advances regarding the composition of the team. There are two goals; the first is to have a recovery from the trip to Colombia and then to continue with the deadlines for the preparation. The idea of picking 23 players is to have fresh people for both games. We will try to not see players repeating a long presence on the field on both games, because only 48 hours are separating the games and we are coming from a long and very demanding trip.”

“I’m taking a lot of players from the B squad and we will see a lot of them playing; I still have to decide if it will be in the first or the second game. Maybe in the first is when I will use them, because in the weekend they have a game in Copa and don’t want to punish their coach. “

“We are working under difficult situations, because a lot of new players must arrive and still have to adapt to the team. We cannot mark the deadlines due to our situation. Logically it’s conditioning the preparation of the team. We still have to design the tactics. I hope that on next week the team could be almost closed, including exits and arrivals.”

“It’s really difficult to start from zero and reconstruct a team starting from the base of signing 12 players; personally it’s the first time this occurs to me. Later we aren’t marking the deadlines, because we cannot pay for transfers. We are in the market under some specific circumstances. We already signed some players and surely could have signed more, but I prefer to see the ones arriving adding things, at least a guarantee that he could yield. I hope that in the coming days these operations can be accelerated, but it doesn’t only depend on us.”

“I believe we will sign six more players. It’s the roof; it’s what the club and the coach wants; some of them are priorities. We cannot live a season at Primera División with only two centre backs, with one of them already been 34 and the other without experience at Primera. If we want solidity at the back we need two more centre-backs. I don’t want to invent things in key zones. You can reconvert a winger into a playmaker, but cannot put another player at the centre of the defense. I know the players will come, don’t know when, but they will come.”

“My idea is to keep 22 or 23 players at the first team. I will love to have two players per position and then use Fabril. I like to have specialist in all the positions and also multifunctional men. That’s the idea: to have a balanced team.”

“You can ask any coach and he would tell you that he would love to launch the pre-season having the 90% of the team ready, only pending to sign one or two special signings. But the situation of Depor is special. Last year it created the team at Segunda at the last minute and it was successful, now there’s a second stage, much more difficult. The important thing is to know where we are and what we want, in this way there won’t be surprises. I am living the 24 hours at the club and can tell you that the officials and the sporting directors are working at the top. At some moment you are hopeful with what can arrive, but everything changes and in 24 hours is gone. You have ups and downs, but the fans must remain quit, because we are preparing a competitive team that will be difficult to beat. We have young players and will like to complement with experienced players; it’s our philosophy and I don’t know if we will able to do it.”

“The games are dominated at midfield and are won inside the areas. There are no more secrets in football, so we need specialists inside the area, and that’s the more expensive kind of players. We hope to sign these specialists.”

“He’s an incisive player, a very direct and explosive player. He transmits the need to succeed and help. I believe he’s coming here in order redeem himself.”

“What I look with this player is to have a mixed midfielder, someone who can offer a big physical sacrifice and a correct technique. He is unexperienced at Primera, but I’m careless that he’s only 19. I believe he will transmit a daring behavior and dynamism. “

“Currently there’s no one like him at the squad; he can surpass many rivals at the moment of driving the ball and it allows us to break the lines, not only with passes, but with individual moves. We will have to demand a scoring record according to the circumstances. The true is that we didn’t have any player like José Rodriguez. We didn’t have any player like Fariña and we didn’t have any player like Lucas.”

“I didn’t know Salomão. I am studying him until know. He has an extraordinary virtue for football, which is the velocity and he’s an irregular lad, don’t know if this is because he’s too young, or because his mentality is like this or maybe it is for his type of football. The true is that when he’s fine he can break a game. I still have to discover the reason.”

“I can tell you that in Portugal he will perform as a side defender. At least once. It’s something I must define. In Colombia we had many people to perform as a side defender, I played with Seoane, who has performed many times on the left side at Depor, and didn’t have anyone else for the left wing as Lucas and Cuenca were injured. We’re also missing an attacker who can fell into the wings. There will be competence in that position and a lot of specialists (left-back). So, perhaps Luisinho will have to compete too for the left-back position and will play in the one he can have more opportunities. Luisinho is a player that I like.”

“I am not the kind of coach that have a fixed idea on the calendar. The only thing I didn’t want is to face the three giants in consecutive games; it can really hit hard any team. There’s enough space between Barca, Madrid and Atlético. And it’s fine to start at Granada. They are reinforcing the team and it will be useful to measure ourselves.”



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