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05 Aug 2014
Depor’s returned to train on Monday; Fabricio addressed the media and said that the team hopes to get used to the new coach demands. The Canarian doesn’t seems himself as a starter, but neither as a substitute.

Fabricio Agosto addressed the media on Monday after the training session. He’s content for how the team is evolving during the pre-season, “I’m content for the work done by the team.  Each day I see that my team mates are better and so do I. We’re getting the ideas of the coach and we are gaining shape. That’s the important thing: to reach the first game in liga at the top of our conditions.”

Taking in mind that Lux has been injured, the Canarian keeper is aware that anything can happen until the first league matchday, “What everyone wants is to play. I will make everything possible to make the coach doubt on who should play. In the end he is the one that decides. Each one of us is able to be a starter and we work for that. Until the game at Los Cármenes I don’t see myself as a starter and neither as a substitute. I just work hard in order to improve and to be ready when the coach needs me.”

Beyond feeling more comfortable with the new coach, he’s feeling fine with himself for been able to complete the whole pre-season stage, “I already knew him, maybe it was a benefit to me, but beyond that I have been able to make the pre-season with the team, something that didn’t happen last year as I arrived when the season had starter and it was a handicap.”

About the mini-tour in Portugal, Fabricio commented that, “We are getting positive readings, in Coimbra the game was more stuck, and in Braga things were more open and had more arrivals and goal opportunities. We were fresher and the team is noticing it. We must continue improving.”

He also hopes to leave a positive impression in the Teresa Herrera, the first home presentation for Depor, “We will try to win our trophy; we will try to do what the coach wants, which is a new subject as we weren’t used to this philosophy. Little by little we are getting used to what he wants.”

The goalie isn’t worried for the lack of goals during the friendly matches, “Truly the only goal has been scored by Álex in the game when we were worse, but I’m not worried for that supposed lack of goals. We have a lot of new guys in attack. The ball isn’t going in? I am not worried. I am only worried it can enter at Los Cármenes. For me we can allow 20 goals per game, but the important thing is to win in Granada. So, it isn’t something that worries me.”

Finally, Fabricio commented on the lack of centre-backs at the team, “A lot of time still ahead. We need someone to compete with Albert and Pablo. They should arrive as soon as possible, so they can adapt, but the coach is the one that decides and knows what he wants.”



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