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18 Aug 2014
It was a difficult pre-season for Deportivo. Coach Víctor Fernández arrived four days before beginning to train and had to face an uncomfortable tour in Colombia, also injury problems. Besides, the team remains under construction.

The pre-season ended on Saturday for Deportivo with the ninth friendly game facing SD Ponferradina. It was called to be an adaptation phase before the return to Primera, but it turned to have more negative issues than positive things.

First to all, the unexpected exit of former coach Fernando Vázquez lead into a hurry as new boss Víctor Fernández arrived only four days before the beginning of the pre-season. And he had to improvise as only one week after starting the trainings the team had to fly to Colombia in order to play two friendly games.

The South American tour left the feeling that Depor wasted the first two weeks as the team didn’t seem prepare to play games. Besides, the new coach had to use players like Javier Arizmendi and Rudy that aren’t part of the plans for the Primera season. The team lost the first two friendly games, first against Independiente de Santa Fé (0-1) and later before Deportivo Cali (1-3).

The team during a training session in Colombia

To make things worse the injuries started to affect the team. New signings Isaac Cuenca and Lucas Pérez had to delay their debuts due to physical problems, while keeper Germán Lux and centre-back Pablo Insua returned earlier to Spain after picking injuries during the meetings.

The injuries were a big problem during the pre-season. Lucas & Cuenca debuted until the Teresa Herrera

Depor returned to Galicia and immediately begin a mini-tour in Portugal, six signings were already at the club. The team seemed more prepared for the next two friendly matches, though it continued to miss the victory and the goals: 0-0 Vs. Acádemica Coimbra and 0-1 Vs. SC Braga.

It was necessary to face a Segunda B club in order to clinch the first pre-season victory, a 2-0 win over Racing de Ferrol. Meanwhile the injury problems continued to hit Deportivo, up to eight men were out due to physical problems at this stage of the pre-season. So, the preparation of Depor for the league season continued to face obstacles.

The first win in the pre-season was against Racing de Ferrol

Then it came the best moment in this stage: The Teresa Herrera tournament. Depor conquered its 18th title and more importantly it left a positive impression, which awoke a feeling that the team can make important things during the Primera campaign. The impressive 3-0 win over Nacional de Montevideo was followed by a much more calmed, but at the same time well-planed 1-0 victory over Sporting Gijón.

Depor during the Teresa Herrera

Depor were already thinking of the debut in liga when it faced the derby against RC Celta. The 0-2 loss left one clear impression: Deportivo remain to be an unmade team that was facing a rival with players that have been playing together for two years. It means Víctor Fernández was getting out of time at the moment of preparing his squad for the Primera season.

The Galician derby of the pre-season

And it’s that Deportivo reached the ninth and final friendly game on this pre-season with three or four signings still to be completed. And the team left more doubts in that last friendly as Los Blanquiazules were defeated by a Segunda club, SD Ponferradina (2-3), leaving a poor impression and demonstrating that the five weeks in the pre-season weren’t enough to prepare the team for what lies ahead.

So, the pre-season had more shadows than lights. The team demonstrated an interesting potential in the Teresa Herrera, but the lost time during the South American tour, the integration problems of the players due to the injuries, the delay in the signings, and the poor game in the last two matches are leaving the impression that Depor remain to be a team under construction, an issue the new coach will have to fix during the first league matchdays.



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