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25 Sep 2006
Caparr�s and his players admitted that the defeat was the fairest result for the things done by both teams. Coloccini also thinks that the key was the balls that his squad lost in midfield. Meanwhile, Caparr�s was angered with the red card that Estoyanoff saw during the final minutes. Depor's coach said that he will maintain a private conversation with the Uruguayan winger behind close doors.

Coach Joaqu�n Caparr�s was sorry for the few occasions that his men failed to convert during the game: "They closed the spaces. We had three occasions to score, but in football the winner is the one who scores the goals. We can't only remind that they were with ten men, because when the rival had eleven players, Riki and Juan Rodr�guez had opportunities to score. We have to win confidence and fulfil these opportunities, because our team has its own limitations and we have to take advantage of everything."

The Sevillan trainer was also angered with the attitude of Estoyanoff. The Uruguayan was sent off because of a tough tackle against Courtois: "What I have to say to him is something that I will do in the locker room. I just hope that this will be the first and the last time that we see this happening." Words that he said with a serious expression in his face.

Fabi�n Estoyanoff himself tried to explain his action over the pitch: "These things occurs and this time it happened to me. We lost the game, I was sent off... it couldn't be worse. There isn't an excuse to explain it. I just lost my mind. It's the first time that this occurred in my career. It will help me to learn."

Riki believes that the red card of Estoyanoff was a key factor for the defeat: "First they scored the second goal, then 'Lolo' was sent off... we were on fire and this things were determinant." The Madrilian striker also admitted that the level of the team isn't the same away from the Riazor: "Outside home we aren't showing a good performance, we have to gain points in these kind of matches."

Captain Joan Capdevila thinks that this game should indicate to Depor the things that shouldn't be done: "If the match with Villarreal shows us the way to follow, this one is the opposite, what we never have to do." The Catalan player also believes that Levante is the deserved winner of this confrontation: "They were the ones scoring the goals, so it's a fair result"

Defender Fabricio Coloccini analysed the things that caused the first defeat in la liga: "We were trying to play as they did, but we lost the ball in midfield during the beginning of the game, and those actions are key aspects in order to win the matches. I think that Deportivo must work on this factor, in this way we will be able to win more away games."

Jos� Francisco Molina had the chance to debut against his former club, but he wasn't surprised about this fact: "Without doubt it was special to me, it was my debut and against the team that was my home during the last six years. But I'm used to facing my ex-teams. This is football."

Levante's coach, Juan Ram�n L�pez Caro, was satisfied with the effort done by his men: "It was a tough game, both sides are really competitive. The important thing is that my team keeps growing. I have to congratulate my players because everyday they demonstrate more effort and a professional behaviour. Let's hope that we will maintain this line."

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