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03 Sep 2014
Two of the signings made on deadline day were presented at the Riazor: Hélder Postiga and Juanfran Moreno. Both players confessed that they aren’t fit to play. Meanwhile, the president talked of the summer market.

Hélder Postiga and Juanfran Moreno were presented on Tuesday’s evening at the Riazor. The duo was signed on deadline day together with Sidnei, the latter will arrive until Wednesday  and will be presented with Diakité until Thursday, the Frenchman is the last signing of Depor in the summer market window.

The Portuguese striker is signing for one year and there are no options for additional seasons, while the right-back comes loaned for one campaign. Both players were presented at the Riazor in front of 600 fans.  They thanked the public and later took pictures with some of the fans. Later they addressed the media at the press room.

President Tino Fernández welcomed both men, “We welcome both players to Deportivo. They are well-known players in Spain. Surely they will be happy on here. We can presume of having great fans and I’m sure they will feel great after leaving the club.”

Postiga was the first player that addressed the media. The attacker confessed that he lands at Depor wanting to feel like a player again, “I am glad for the past interest of Depor. I land here now and am wishing to bring things. To the squad I want to feel like a player again. The last six months were complicated and I want to have a smile on my face once again.”

He also confessed that he’s missing match fitness,  “As you probably heard: I was sidelined with other three partners at Valencia, so I’m lacking match fitness. We hope to gain pace as soon as possible in order to enter into the coach’s plans . I met the current coach at Porto and I already spoke to him. I hope to be fit soon.”

Later Juanfran admitted that Depor were chasing him since some weeks ago, : “I met the interest of Depor some weeks ago, but the conditions of Betis didn’t allow this. Things got complicated and then this window was open. It’s an attractive choice  as this club has many socios.”

The Madrilenian player also admitted that he’s lacking match fitness, “I had been sidelined at Betis and need to gain match fitness. I am fine in a physical sense, but need to gain pace. I came here in order to work. I can tell you that I will be a starter, but will work hard to see the coach making a choice.”

Postiga & Juanfran at the Riazor
After both players talked to reporters, Tino Fernández and Fernando Vidal expressed their views of the transfer window.  The president expressed his satisfaction with the signings that were made, “We made the signings until the point we could reach and always respecting the financial limits. We are satisfied with the configuration of the team. We didn’t reach the limit of the salary cap. We spent €14.6 million with the squad [the limit was fifteen million], so there are some pennies that still available. Anyway the limit can be improved. As example we can sign a sponsorship for €900,000 and later can sign a player for €900,000. Possibly we can end up making one more signing in December.”

“All the signings are first options. We cannot be talking of specific cases, but we have been balancing the budget. The amounts are changing and you need to balance the situation. I want to congratulate Vidal and Richard [Barral] for the work done. We completed more than 20 operations between signings, exits, rescinding contracts and the exit of the coach. In the general sense the effort of the sporting direction was solid and I want to congratulate all of them.”

However, Fernández admitted that some things could have been better, especially the time wasted in making the last signings, “I believe that I wouldn’t have changed anything until the arrival of Medunjanin. After that, maybe the error was to not establish a limit. The operation of the striker was complicated. Ambition is always sane, but perhaps we should have said: this is the limit and we won’t surpass it. Perhaps the thing that I would have changed is to sign the third centre-back before and not until the end.”

“It’s true that we waited too much for Mitroglou and Ramís.  It’s hard to compete when Olympiacos was putting one more million .In order to raise one more million we would have needed three thousands more socios and we didn’t have it. The signing of the fourth centre-back was planned to occur until the deadline. Under the previous conditions we couldn’t sign Postiga one month ago. I believe we made a good job in the signing of the striker. There was no cost in the negotiations in London. In the case of Vidal he paid the trip with his money.  Botas too. There were other people in the negotiations, but there’s no problem with that.” He added.

Fernando Vidal also talked of the subject, “For me the work done has been satisfactory, because it was needed to make a new team. There were moments in which we were disappointed, but the general feeling is satisfaction. We had a Brazilian centre-back ready, but there was a knee injury that complicated the things. The last day was incredible. We signed the last four players and the important thing is that there’s competence in all the positions. It’s true that the day after the game with Rayo the deals were almost done. Juanfran was almost done since one week before.”

Finally, Depor’s president explained the case with both Juan Carlos and Diego Seoane: “There were offers to leave, but there are three parties on this. In the end there were offers, but they didn’t accept. There was a club from Galicia, Lugo, that wanted to hire him [Juan Carlos], but nothing happened. There was also an operation that failed at the last day [Recreativo wanted to sign Juan Carlos]. I don’t know if this was a good decision in a sporting sense, but instead I prefer to think of the future.”





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