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04 Sep 2014
Deportivo’s coach addressed the media on Wednesday; he expressed his satisfaction with the moves made during the transfer window. He also described the virtues of the last four signings.

Víctor Fernández talked to reporters on Wednesday; he talked for twenty minutes and expressed his satisfaction with the team that Deportivo is presenting for the new season. He was also explaining the qualities of the last four incorporations. The following is a summary of the main things said by the Aragonian coach.

“I’m pretty content with the team that we have. There was a quality and quantity need. Let’s hope the last four players will bring the needed plus, just for the start they are bringing a numeric balance, and later will bring other alternatives to our game. Definitely this is the squad that we wanted, this is the squad that we have, this is the squad we could achieve according to our financial situation, that’s why I’m satisfied.”

“All the players that we signed were entering into our financial possibilities and are also matching our tactical needs. Truly we had gone out searching for different things. Sidnei can bring output with the ball, Juanfran brings more offensive presence. Diakité brings physical presence and defensive work, Postiga is a different striker compared to Toché. Later the other great signing is Lucas [Pérez], who is transmitting positive feelings to us.”

“Truly some operations lasted too much, but we must have in mind that the negotiations for the four signings completed in the last day weren’t started on that same day; we spent a lot days doing it. What happens is that, since you aren’t paying, you end up waiting for the will of the club’s that are involved and also because the players fought to rescind their contracts. We made twelve signings without cost and it isn’t easy. We are one of the three or four clubs in Spain that didn’t paid anything on this regard. I would have loved to have them before, but these are the circumstances. All I can say is that we have the team that we wanted.”

“It was a subject that lasted too much. I wasn’t dreaming with Mitroglou. The week previous to the game at Granada I knew that Mitroglou wasn’t coming and therefore my mood didn’t change for what was said. I knew it wasn’t going to happen.”

“Hélder Postiga is a player that I know pretty well. I coached him at Porto, though it was a long time ago. He will bring presence in the area. He’s a hardworking lad that will allow us to put pressure up front. He also brings the capacity to shot on target and head the ball, because he’s a good header of the ball. It was complicated to get him, because we had to wait until the end without discovering the cards and it worked out.”

“Truly the team needed more magnitude and physical presence, but if the physical presence isn’t joined by a good tactical disposition then it’s worthless. Both [Sidnei & Diakité] are players that help us to cover this deficit and are also different defenders. In this sense they’re enriching the squad.”

“Sidnei is a player with a solid output of the ball and a solid aerial game. The other is physically strong and very defensive and has speed. I believe both players are adding things. Diakité can also play as a fullback; he has played several games as a fullback. Diakité has played a lot of games in Italy performing as a fullback.”

“I’m sure with his qualities, but haven’t talked to him and don’t know what he has done within the last twenty days, because the Portuguese league has started and also because I know that he didn’t count for the last friendly games. I don’t have a clear picture about his current physical state, but surely he needs help to be fit. We need to have everyone fit and must be in a hurry, because there’s no time to wait. It’s a handicap. Still, I am not worried as they are quality players.”

“There’s a handicap that’s worrying me: how will the last four players arrive to the competition? None of the last arrivals, with the exception of Sidnei, have played friendly games. Hélder and Juanfran have told me that they haven’t completed tactical trainings, instead they were training apart. They weren’t allowed to train alongside the group, something that hasn’t happened on here with Juan Carlos and Seoane. They have a deficit and we have fifteen days to make them improve. It will be the same with the two centre-backs. Sidnei played a friendly with Benfica and the other was also training apart at Sunderland.”

“I want to thank the club for attempting his signing, because it was necessary to do several movements. It was a discrete operation as, if this would have been public, then we wouldn’t have had an option. I believe he was one of the revelations of last season, what happens is that he lived the disgrace of suffering the relegation to Segunda. I believe he’s one of the players that were the main revelations on last season. I know him perfectly and believe that he will be important to us. Possibly his offensive work is more emphasized than the defensive one, but is a very complete full-back, because he has energy. He’s intense and strong. He’s evolving and adapting to Primera. Modern football needs fullbacks with a long run, with presence at midfield and that can bring depth. I highly value these kinds of players.” 

“The situation of Juan Carlos & Seoane hasn’t changed. We acted with honesty and in this sense we must respect their contracts and their decisions. They will be respected, but my plans haven’t changed, actually the last arrivals are just confirming my decisions.”

“I don’t like personal valorizations. I don’t know about first options. I don’t know if Barca and Madrid were able to get their first options, and that taking in mind they have money, and later to think how the situation is with a Depor without money. I believe the correct thing is to ask if you have signed players that fit into your needs, filling a space and bringing things. And my answer is yes. I don’t know how far we can go, but I can tell you that no one that we didn’t want has entered this changing room and that these players have characteristics that we currently need.”

“There are phases, because if you see Laure running the half of the field fighting for the ball at minute 81, and that the team reacted within the last minutes against Rayo and also the last ten minutes against Granada, then you see that it’s a mental state. We can improve and I know how the situation was in the pre-season with all the games and trips. I know how some players were, some were pressing in order to leave their clubs and come here. We need to have more continuity, as example Cuenca had a lot of months without playing the full 90 minutes and also several years without scoring goals, and I believe that this will reinforce him.”

“It’s fundamental to recover his ankle. It’s fundamental to have him prepared, because he didn’t make a proper pre-season. The doctors say that on next week it’s probably that he will join the group. He needs to gain a physical condition, because unfortunately he didn’t get it in the pre-season due to the injuries.”



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