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06 Sep 2014
The large squad of Deportivo will surely rest opportunities to some of the players at the team; one of them is Álex Bergantiños, who last season was the third men with more minutes. He’s open to play as a centre-back.

The closure of the transfer window left Deportivo with 25 players at the first team, the highest number possible at Primera División. It’s a total change at the club as on last season Deportivo could only inscribe 18 players after the deadline. Now there’s more depth, which also means that some of the players can end up without having minutes.

One of them is Álex Bergantiños. New coach Víctor Fernández prefers other options for midfield and said before that the Galician player could end up performing as a centre-back as there were only two men for the spots, but Depor ended the transfer window having four centre-backs and four centre midfielders, so his number of minutes could drastically drop.

Last season, Álex was the third player with more minutes at the team: 3,196. A mark that was only improved by Juan Dominguez (3,490) and Pablo Insua (3,463).  On his previous Primera season, the midfielder accumulated 2,059 minutes, which was the ninth highest mark at the team.

On Friday, Álex addressed the media at Abegondo and said that he’s open to perform either as a centre midfielder or as a centre-back, “I always said that I will adapt to whatever the coach asks. For the moment I had played as a centre midfielder. I said before that it’s the position where I feel more comfortable. But it also depends on what the coach says. “

He’s also aware of the competence at the squad, “Yes, we have now four centre-backs and also four centre midfielders, so there’s competence and we have a deep squad. Later the coach will decide who brings more things and which the positions for every player are. We must be prepared for everything.”

Álex also thinks that the fact of been able to perform in two different positions isn’t giving him any advantage before other players at the team, “It could good, it could be bad. Sometimes for been trying to cover a lot of space it’s more difficult. In today’s football what the coaches seek is to have specialists. I can only work hard and wait to see what the coach wants. He will decide where I have to play.”

About the game against Laracha, the former captain of Fabril believes it was a very useful training, “The game was useful to gain minutes. It was one more training session. Some of us played the full 90 minutes, which is useful for the men that haven’t played on past weeks and is helpful to keep the pace taking in mind there’s a break on this weekend. The team was intense and we are satisfied of how the game was.”

Finally, Bergantiños believes the break will be really useful for Deportivo, “It’s not only the break, but we play until next Monday. There are more days and I believe the coach will seize the situation to work with the new ones. They need to adapt and gain the pace. It isn’t the same to be training apart than to do it competing and knowing they have the chance to play. There’s time and we must seize the situation, so we can be prepared to play.”



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