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07 Sep 2014
Striker Toché is convinced that this could be his big year in terms of scoring a lot of goals at Primera; he’s also satisfied with the arrival of Postiga and hopes to clinch the permanence with Deportivo.

José Verdú ´Toché’ is ready to live his first big year at Primera; he was always a prominent scorer at Segunda and now wants to demonstrate that he can do the same at the elite of Spanish football. It is what he said on Saturday, before the training session, “This is going to be the first chance to make big numbers. I believe it will be fulfilled. I don’t want to establish personal mark of goals, but I expect for a high number.”

He’s also content for the arrival of Hélder Postiga, “We needed strikers, I was alone on here, also Cavaleiro, who can also perform as a striker. He’s the signing that I know more, because he has participated before in the Spanish league. He has a large international career, has scored a lot of goals in Spain. I believe it’s a great signing and I hope to score a lot of goals with him.”

The striker is aware of the competence, but expects to have a solid partnership with the Portuguese man, “The season is very long and I believe that both of us are going to be important, both of us are going to have opportunities. I believe that, if we score a good number of goals together, then the salvation of Deportivo is going to be secured. There will be times when we will play together, in others we will be alone; whatever the coach wants. The league will tell you how to play.”

The Murcian attacker was also commenting the fact that Depor closed the team until the last day, “We were waiting for these signings since a while ago; the team is closed now. I believe we should have closed the team before, but well, the market is the boss on here. We were willing to have all the squad available. We now think of fulfilling the goal having all these people. We now think of Eibar having everybody on. In all the teams you need two men per position, the coach wanted that. I believe we now have it and will face the rest of the season with will.”

He was asked about the differences between the stage with Fernando Vázquez and Víctor Fernández, and he said that, for him, the job for the striker continues to be the same, “The team continues to play with only one forward, the other day Fariña wasn’t behind me, but was at one wing. It was the only difference. The team will change the draw according to the coach. It will be the same: a solo striker up front trying to catch one opportunity. To have a playmaker helps you, but the other day he was at one side. We will be switching the system.”

Finally, Toché expects to collect the three points against Eibar in order to have a more calmed meeting against Real Madrid, “Eibar at their stadium is going to be one of the toughest teams. We are going there for the victory, because we only have one point and don’t want continue with one point as later [Real] Madrid is coming here. We want the victory.”



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