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09 Sep 2014
Midfielder José Rodriguez scored the first goal of the past game against Rayo Vallecano; he’s the fourth youngest player that scores for Deportivo in a league competition during this century.

It was a big error by Rayo Vallecano’s defense, but also a virtue of José Rodriguez, who was faster enough to get the ball first before the keeper and score an early goal. The game ended 2-2 and Depor dropped two points at home, but the game will be remembered due to the young age of one of the scorers.

And it’s that the Valencian player will be 20 on December (19 years and 227 days when he scored the goal); it means he’s the fourth youngest player that scorers a league goal for Depor during this century. The first three players on this list are Xisco (2005, 18 years & 354 days), Adrián López (2007, 19 & 82) and Antonio Barragán (2006, 19 & 111)

On May 15, 2005; Xisco turned to be the youngest scorer for Depor on this century and he did it not scoring once but twice during a liga meeting visiting Real Zaragoza (2-2). At the time the Majorcan attacker was a player from the Juvenile team that was starting to play for Fabril and that was picked due to the casualties had by Javier Irureta.

Xisco scoring one of his goals against Zaragoza

José Rodriguez celebrating the goal against Rayo Vallecano
Despite the stage of the “Baby Depor” lived some years ago, Deportivo have never been characterized for having very young players at the first squad, neither for giving too many chances to the players from Deportivo B, especially in attacking positions.

So, it isn’t strange to notice that the youngest scorers in the history of the club played at the first team almost sixty years ago. The youngest player ever to score a league goal for Depor is Luis Suárez, who in 1953 netted a goal at the age of 18 (232 days). The other two men at the top of the list are Chacho (1929, 18 & 245) and Waldo Botana (1955, 18 & 310).



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