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13 Sep 2014
Deporís president presented two new partnerships and also offered a press conference to talk of the financial situation, the renewal of Juan Dominguez and the cases of Juan Carlos and Seoane.

Two new partners have joined Deportivo. On Thursday, the club announced a deal with Hospital HM Modelo, which will now be the official hospital of the club for the next three years. Then, on Friday, the club announced that MeliŠ Hoteles will be the official hotel of Deportivo for one year, though the president left an open door to renew it.

There were two acts to present both deals. On Thursday, the president was talking of the deal with Hospital HM Modelo, ďIím satisfied with the incorporation of a new sponsor and the signed agreement is improving a historic relation between two references in the city regarding the sporting and the medical subjects. Deportivo and Modelo are two central institutions in the life of A CoruŮa and want to keep growing thanks to alliances with national corporations like HM Hospitales.Ē

On Friday, FernŠndez talked of the deal with MeliŠ Hoteles, ďI want to thank this indirect sponsorship, because Deportivo is saving more than 40% of housing costs in the city and also on the road. Itís another clear way to support Deportivo through this agreement. As with all companies that are with us; we will try to give back more than what MeliŠ is betting on us. Each Euro counts and this enables the team, especially on the economic side, to be able to keep up the payments, give something to the Tax agency and Social Security when we need to do it, to pay all players, employees and suppliers who work for us when itís appropriate. That rigor concerns us, it haunts us, and this is one way of improving, having more resources with the support of MeliŠ. For us itís a pride to work with a first level product, thereís no doubt about it. Itís good for the team as they will be travelling having all the amenities. Thanks to this contract, comparing to last season, we will be saving the 45% of the cost invested in the concentrations at home and an average of 42% of the expenses of the trips across Spain.Ē

Tino presenting the deal with Hospital HM Modelo

Tino presenting the deal with MeliŠ Hoteles
The press conference on Friday was different, because after presenting the deal with MeliŠ Hoteles, Tino FernŠndez also talked of other subjects, like the salary cap rule, the current financial situation and also the cases with Juan Carlos, Diego Seoane, Juan Dominguez and even explained why Samuel Piette hasnít been inscribed yet with Fabril. The following is a summary of the things discussed by Deporís president.

ďIf Juan Carlos is staying at Deportivo it was because he wanted it. Yes, there were offers to go out and the club agreed. Yes, there were counteroffers to extend his contract and the club agreed, everything talked with their agents and I was surprised with his words. Now what he has to do is to train at the top at Abegondo and demonstrate what he can do. Currently heís one more player at the team. Since the end of June there was a first meeting with his agent in Madrid, this in order to negotiate the extension of his contract, and since then there was a meeting with the president of Recreativo de Huelva, Pablo Comas, about his exit. Itís the case in which we spent more time working, including operations that were closed, around twenty, and the ones that failed. Knowing that the coach wasnít counting with him there was no case in not searching for an exit, off course we wanted to close it. There was no sense in keeping something that was consuming the salary cap.Ē

ďI am surprised with his comments. If the decision of the player is to not pick any of the offers presented by Deportivo, then nothing happens, because we cannot force him. But there were options and the club had agreement with the others clubs, and there were agreements to extend the contract for one and two years, even in other proposals presented by BahŪa [agency thatís the agent of the player]. And some of the clubs interested are from Galicia. But none of them were accepted. You need three yesís to complete the operation, and if one side isnít convinced and was waiting for another team, then you cannot do it.  Deportivo talked to at least eight clubs and we accepted three of the propositions. So, I donít understand his version. His renewal included an important increase in the playerís wages, superior to the 75%, so I donít understand what happened. I insist: probably he was waiting for another team. I donít know. And nothing happens, this isnít a drama, but there are no doubts that there were chances to leave. Why he didnít left? I donít know. There was a problem with the guarantees and even la liga was involved [the operation with Recreativo failed as they were surpassing their salary cap]. Whatís true is that it wasnít our fault and I defend my people on this. At this point we donít even have a response to the renewal offer that was presented.Ē

ďThe case with Seoane was different, because he still has two more years on his contract. There were clubs that phoned him and later talked to us, and like the case of Juan Carlos he decided to stay. Nothing happens; surely we were interested in allowing their exits, because it would have released the salary cap. There were movements on deadline day, just like the case with Juan Carlos. ď

ďWhen the negotiations are over then we will make comments. I always say the same either is a commercial or a sporting issue. Evidently the intention of the club is to see him staying, and you need an agreement between two parties to close the deal.Ē

ďItís an issue with the paperwork. The other day they explained it to me. We need to get some papers from Canada. I understand that it will be solved.Ē

 ďI see the team is fine. It was properly built up. I also see that the group is great in the emotional fact. Itís what the people that work with them are transmitting to me. I believe we will have stability. In August everybody received their wages before the game against Granada and I believe we will live a year without problems in this regard. We have a team to be fighting in the second part of the standings, but I also believe we can be tranquil as we are fulfilling all the obligations. We are also investing in the infrastructure at Abegondo and the stadium, it cost 50,000 Euros.Ē

ďI believe itís a great idea to implement the salary cap rule. When you are suffering it then it hurts, but la liga is doing a great job. Deportivo have a great relation with la liga and with its president.Ē

ďItís an idea that s coming out, but currently itís in an initial stage. A lot of steps are pending and we are talking of very expensive sponsorship deals. Nobody will give money if thereís no business plan, which means that it should bring something to everyone. I believe itís fantastic to search for a name for the Riazor. Letís hope we can find that money. We have the support of the city hall and there wonít be a problem, the difficult thing is to find a sponsor that could make this bet. I like the example of Espanyol, though itís also true that the deal at Espanyol includes the shirt. That money in seven years is a lot, besides Barcelona is another city and you need to look at the fine print in the contract. ď

ďI donít know the exact number of socios, before yesterday it was around 23,200. I guess it will be around 23,500 now. I think itís a good number, though also believe it could be more. I want to thank those 23,500 people and letís see if they can convince more fans. In that sense the incomes are growing and we will keep trying.Ē

ďI donít know why there were less people than the number of socios, in the case of the match against Rayo [Vallecano] it was a special game, because it was August 31. The data is there and the lathes are counting the people that are getting in. In the day of Jaen it was perfectly counted that there were 32,000 persons. When there are people the lathes count it and when there arenít people then they donít count it.Ē

ďI still saying that the LFP World Challenge is a great idea by la liga. I think itís a great project. Football and the brand Spain. Ití about collecting more money in other countries, and for this you need to go there. Other teams travelled, even to Australia. I believe it was Malaga the side that went to Australia, which isnít a comfortable trip. I believe the president of la liga has made important things for Deportivo.Ē



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