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07 Oct 2014
Heavy criticism towards the apathy and the poor presentation of Deportivo at the Sánchez Pizjuán; the papers believe that Depor deserve to be the last place at the standings after the first seven matchdays.

Deporte Campeón: Surrender at the Pizjuán. Deportivo used a slingshot against a rifle. A warm team conceding too much crashed against a more powerful opponent. The 'face to face' without defending with order and with only a few arrivals to Sevilla’s goal was punished with a defeat that has risen the fans as a spring, the first alarms were heard some days ago and now they are ringing again.

Victor Fernandez could only go and try to hold on the 4-1 trying to surprise with the speed of Cavaleiro up front. The entrance of Canella and Wilk covered the statistic. In fact Deportivo, at least, forced Beto to stretch in a couple of opportunities. With ten minutes remaining, both contestants gave the matter closed. Depor, unfortunately, had to surrender. The break in the league arrives and it does it with the feeling that many changes are needed in the approach. Abegondo is waiting. There is much work to do Alberto Torres

La Voz de Galicia: Deportivo smell like sick. Nothing goes right to a Deportivo that start presenting symptoms that are worrying at this stage of the tournament. The Galician team wanted to change the step in Seville and left the stadium scalded as it has become common in recent weeks, collecting 15 goals in the 4 more recent matchdays and that cost to be the bottom side at Primera. Víctor Fernández sought shelter, but the quality at the wings and between the lines at Sevilla undressed the shortcomings of a Depor weak in defense, irrelevant with the ball and without stepping on the opponent's box.

The goals were falling and could have been worse if it was it for Lux, who saved a penalty with the 4-1 already in the scoresheet plus others saves made by the Argentine keeper in the final stretch. The goal of Medunjanin was just a story of Deportivo’s performance and of the same Bosnian player: a spark in the middle of an island of mediocrity that threatens the status of a Galician team that still trying to find its roots. Deportivo was menacing to suffer a new huge loss that eventually ended in four goals, doing justice to its condition, leaving open questions for the immediate future, full of clouds on the horizon. Miguel Piñeiro

La Opinión A Coruña: Depor pay their sins. Indolent and vulnerable, Yesterday, Deportivo paid against Sevilla all the sins that have converted the Galician squad into the worst team in the league and that will force them to do penance for the rest of the league if they’re not able to correct things on time. Seven matchdays were enough to ensure that a real ordeal awaits for Los Blanquiazules on their return to Primera División.

Defensive errors, problems to build up their game and maintain continuity, the late adaptation of some the players and the absence of a recognizable pattern in the schemes were inviting to think that the path of Victor Fernandez’s team was going to be bitter and pitiful in the attempt to clinch the permanence at the elite and ensure institutional survival without pains. After seeing yesterday’s game in Seville it can be found that the lack of football is joined by a disconcerting sense of defeatism mixed with indolence and that was covered by the mercy of the locals. The fourth consecutive defeat of Los Blanquiazules arrived with a result that could have been bigger if it was it for the intervention of Lux and the relaxation of Sevilla in the last part of the second half. M. Otero

AS: M’bia and Sevilla destroy Deportivo. Far in resources and quality from its rival, Sevilla were like the 25 degrees temperature at Nervión, pleasant and spectacular at moments in front of the fans, it took little to forgive the slip at the Calderón. It played comfortable and met little resistance against a very fragile Deportivo, a team without faith and the necessary tools to get around at the Primera Division. Thus, penalized by an almost grotesque defense it ended destroyed by its rival. The morning rose Stephane M’bia, a player in state of grace that is devastating in his offensive appearances. After his savior goal in Rijeka, now he scored another brace. At this time one of the best players in the league, full of resources and with a very special feeling with his people, is at Sevilla, third at the standings and with dreams of Champions League.

As the inferiority could be seen a mile away, Sevilla remained in its plan. Resolving fast and entertain the stands, somewhat annoyed by the events of the week. The defense of Deportivo was sinking everywhere, which allowed Emery’s men to show up all their offensive arguments: the runs of Coke, optimal, and Tremoulinas; the combinations of Denis with Vitolo, the explosiveness of Deulofeu and the venom of Bacca, who even missed a penalty. The last half hour was a nightmare for Deportivo, who left Nervión desolated. Rather than for the defeat, for the prospects looming on a team made with zero euros and that still dragging the effects of a strange pre-season in South America. The elevator returns to threaten a team that isn’t the giant that it was, but that neither can afford to leave this impression. Juan Jiménez

Marca: Sevilla portrays Deportivo with art. Sevilla painted the face to Deportivo on the canvas of the Sanchez Pizjuán with goals from M’bia (2), Bacca and Vitolo. Emery’s men showed their tactical repertoire before a disappointing opponent that in ninety minutes only left a brushstroke goal by Medunjanin.

The Galicians left the feeling of having definitely entered in a downward spiral. The fourth straight loss can weigh like a millstone to Victor Fernandez during a league break that can turn to be eternal. He has the bottom team and, to make things worse, entertains Valencia on next matchday.

The future of Depor seems bleak. On the contrary Sevilla left behind the big loss at the Calderón and the suffering in Rijeka with a regenerating victory. It was achieved leaning on two of the columns that support the team. M’bia, touched by divinity, and Bacca, who is in a permanent romance with the goal. Fran Villalobos

El Correo de Andalucía: M’bia, King of Nervión. Sevilla thrashed a loose Deportivo at noon thanks to goals from M’bia (2), Bacca and Vitolo, it was during a match marked by the huge difference in the level of both teams and a clearly offensive bet by Emery after the criticisms of his approach at the Calderon.

With Deulofeu on the field (author of the assists of the first two goals and the fourth) and Banega playing behind Denis Suarez, Sevilla went out to do harm to a Deportivo that presented a very weak defensive line and gripped by the improper heat of his land on this dates. Big win worth of Champions League and sixteen points added to enjoy a new league break. The rage of the Calderón was forgotten. Javier Santos



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