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08 Oct 2014
Depor’s goalkeeper admitted the errors that are costing valuable point to Deportivo, for the Argentine man the key word is commitment as he believes that everybody related to the club should be pulling in the same direction.

 After the last defeat in liga, the fourth in a row, all the eyes are on the players. And German Lux addressed the media after Tuesday’s session and talked for sixteen minutes of the current situation at the team, “We are living an ugly and complicate situation, but it was us who got involved in this and the first thing I would say is that it’s just starting and there’s enough margin to move forward. We need to work hard and stop committing so many errors. In this week we must prepare the game against Valencia and we must win at the Riazor. It seems like a final and we must start to resolve the games and improve a lot, because I believe we are committing mistakes that cannot occur at Primera División.” He started saying.

Later he admitted that Deportivo didn’t match the expectations in the 1-4 loss at the Sánchez Pizjuán, “The other day the error was to not compete and I believe that in other games we competed, knowing it’s hard to add points before some rivals, but we always matched the expectations. The true is that it was shameful what we did at Sevilla the other day. “

The goalie was asked if he agrees with Laure as the defender was asking apologies to the fans, “To ask for forgiveness, we didn’t steal anything… let’s see, it should be understand what Laureano said. Yes, we are very upset and we understand people, the ones that are always supporting and that stay until the end to say anything to us. In that sense the people from A Coruña deserve ten points. This is my fourth season in A Coruña and I always say the same: thanks to them we always achieved important things, including two promotions. Now what we ask is the coalition between the coaching staff, club’s officials, fans, you and us too. We must work hard and increase the level of compromise in order to move Deportivo upper. We didn’t compete at Sevilla and they roll over us, it’s the true. Perhaps that’s why Laureano apologized. We did things so wrong that’s it’s hard to me to remove it from my head.”

The goalie believes there’s self-criticism inside the team, “We always have self-criticism inside the changing room, what we cannot do is to commit the same errors. It’s what we need to improve. I believe there’s a lot of self-criticism inside this changing room. What happens is that we’re failing and must continue improving. As I said before, we are competing at the highest level in Spain, one of the best, and the other day we were looking like a Tercera team, not like a Primera outfit. In this sense we need to improve a lot. I believe we lowered the performance during the last game and we should extract it, it was shameful. It’s what I feel and also the rest that were there. Now we must look forward and be positive. We have now the break in order to train and fix things, thinking that we must defeat Valencia.”

“There are errors in all the lines. We must go out and act as a block. We must cut the bleeding, because if not we’ll continue allowing goals. The goalkeeper is the one that suffers the most. We have allowed 19 goals and it screws me, it hit me in the balls. We must start there, but goalkeeper isn’t the only one defending. We must start form the keeper and try to be a much ordered and consistent team, to have a better understanding on the field. We need leaders on the pitch. We knew it was going to be difficult, we changed the coach and had new players, but it isn’t an excuse. We must move forward and I was taught to continue. I assume my errors and the others too, that’s good knowing we all commit mistakes. I have allowed 19 goals and feel fine and you can ask why, but it’s the truth. I have positive feelings and want to move forward.” He added.

Lux believes that the key to get good results is to reduce the number of goals allowed, “I didn’t have a proper pre-season, and now move game by game. We have failures and successes, but we have allowed too many goals. We must be harder in the defensive line and not allow too many goals, because we will add points as soon as we start avoiding the goals.”

He repeated several times that the key to improve is the commitment and to pull in the same direction, “For me it’s the key word. We need commitment, from the one that signed only for one year, the one that signed for two years, the one coming here on loan to the one coming from the academy. It’s the same, the commitment and the goal must be the same. It’s the thing I always talk inside the changing rom. Now we need to leave the last place and if all of us aren’t feeling committed and united, then it’s going to be difficult.”

Asked about the current environment inside the changing room, he responded that, “At this moment is when the players with more experience must show up, also the ones with a lot of quality. The ones with quality must clench teeth and help to improve the defensive tasks and the communication.”

About the latest criticism against the coach, he said that, “This is football and when there are bad results then people will look all over the place. I believe that the coach, and also us and the club, must be united and move in the same direction. It’s the only way. If it was already complicated then let’s imagine if we aren’t committed and if we aren’t targeting the same goal.”

On Monday, president Tino Fernández criticized the attitude of the players; Lux agrees, but was a little upset for not talking in private regarding the issue, “We all know him. Tino is like one more fan. What he said should be the way he feels, I was also asked about the game of the other day and I told what I’m feeling. I haven’t heard Tino talking of the attitude in other games and neither of the intensity of the players, but maybe he was talking as one more fan. We would prefer to see him going to the changing room to tell it in front of us, but nah! I understand it as the folklore in football and I am not affected by this. I agree with what he said, maybe not the way or the place, but it’s true. We didn’t have attitude and intensity and it was a shameful game. He’s the head of the institution and we don’t have complaints as we have been paid. They’re doing a good job and the club is improving.”

Finally, the keeper didn’t give important to the messages against the players that were painted at the Riazor’s walls, “It’s inside what I have said of the fans before: they are upset and we must isolate and understand the situation. We understand why they are upset, but well, they are patient and I’m convinced they will always be with us. They are sad, just like us.”




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