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09 Oct 2014
Another of the team’s captains addressed the media after the big loss before Sevilla CF; this time it was Manuel Pablo, who accepted the responsibility of the players and at the same time transmitted a message of calm.

 The “therapy” after losing the fourth game in a row continued at Abegondo, this time Manuel Pablo was the one that addressed the media. The captain of Deportivo was very calm and was admitting the toughness of the moment; he also said that Depor must continue training and working in order to improve the results.

He starting supporting the words of Lux after the keeper said that Sunday’s performance at the Sánchez Pizjuán was shameful, "I saw a soulless team on Sunday. I think that we never were in the game, since the first minute. We missed everything and that's why we are in this situation. And against those teams you must be involved in everything: running more than them, more focused than them, because it’s a team with an extraordinary quality. Even doing all those things they can beat you. “

Then the right-back explained his conversation had with Víctor Fernández during Wednesday’s session, “We talked a little of everything, of some situations, of tactical draws, of the players… everything related to football; also of things that we need to improve and train for more time. I see that the coach is willful, wanting to move forward with this situation.”

He also confirmed a meal with president Tino Fernández, “Well, it was fine. It was on the same path of the rest. We talked of everything and of our own exigency on all senses. He knows the dressing room is feeling screwed and transmitted a feeling of confidence and support. We talked a little of everything. We talked of demanding more from ourselves and move forward with this situation.”

The Canarian man was asked if Depor should change the style of playing as the offensive approach seems to not be working, and the response was, “You can do of everything, but what you need to do is to fix the errors as we are having individual errors. We must work on this without losing your identity in attack. We need to correct what we are doing wrong. The other day we missed of everything, not only in attack.”

Manuel Pablo also said that he sees similarities between Sunday’s game and what happened in the last relegation of Deportivo, “I see a pattern with the last relegation. What happened in Sevilla made me remember what happened in the last relegation, because there was a moment when the team was soulless, without resources or anything else. It made me remember the last relegation. Maybe now things are happening too soon, before the reaction lasted more and it is in our hands. We must demand more from ourselves, because what has been done isn’t enough. This game recalled several things of that season: we weren’t playing football and were losing several things little by little.”

About the fact of not been playing he commented that, “I still trying, like nothing had happened, like I´m going to play on Sunday. I train at the top and try to do my best as I want to play. It’s also a demonstration before the partners, that despite I am not playing I want to compete and that I’m there. You are willing to fight and want to sacrifice yourself in order to compete. It should be an example for both, the men that aren’t playing and those who are doing it.”

He was also resting importance to the latest declarations of the coach, who didn’t want to blame the players for the defeat in Seville, and also the ones of the president, who was asking for more attitude. Actually he was telling reports to learn how to interpret the declarations, “The coach doesn’t want to blame us, things are wrong and he wants to release some of the pressure as the players can feel attacked. You must learn to intemperate the declarations. Also the president can say some things in the heat of the moment, but it doesn’t mean that he’s passing the pressure to us. You must learn to interpret the things that are said. That the president could have said these things in private? Yes. But nothing happens. Neither can we convert it into a drama.”

He didn’t hesitate in blaming the players for the current poor form of the team, “It’s always said the same: the players are always the guilty ones. They’re the actors. Surely the blame is on us and it’s in our hands. But neither we feel attacked by our own people, i.e. the fans and our president. “

On Friday’s session the team was involved in a video session in order to correct the defensive errors, about the matter the veteran player said that, “The conclusion is that we are having too many collective failures and also individual. We need to work more in some movements.”

The veteran captain is convinced that Víctor Fernández is prepared to face this situation, “The coach has the ability to move forward with this. There are some aspects that we need to improve, because so far the work done hasn’t been good enough to add the points. We must fix problems that are costing goals. We must demand more from ourselves; even if we were the first place I would be demanding more from me. I always demand more from me, perhaps that’s why I’m still here. Maybe not all the players are like this, but we train to improve.”

He was asked on his opinion regarding the match fixing investigations in Spain, “I leave that subject in the hands of the ones investigating. We did our job and they are investigating. Let’s see what they find. We also had the chance to save ourselves if we would have won, but if they are chasing this so strongly it is because there’s something.” He was asked if he believes in the possibility of a bribery in the past game Deportivo-Zaragoza and he just said: “I don’t belie it. I don’t believe it. I don’t believe it.”

Finally, Manuel Pablo explained what Deportivo must do in the coming days in order to improve the current scenario, “We must recharge the batteries, train on this week, on next week too and compete, also to demonstrate that’s there’s a change and especially to add points. Nothing more.”




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