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10 Oct 2014
It was a long press conference by Deportivo’s coach. He was calm despite the latest criticism and points out that Depor must avoid the fear and that the team needs to rest some concepts after suffering four straight losses.

Víctor Fernández addressed the media on Thursday’s noon. It was a long press conference that lasted 31 minutes. He was calm despite the recent criticism, though there were some tense moments when the coach expressed his discomfort with the rumors spread by some journalists and after been questioned if he feels supported inside the club.

In a general sense the coach admitted the errors of the players during the games, including a recent change in the attitude during recent meetings, but always accepted that he’s the main responsible. The Aragonian coach warned that fear is the main enemy, but also remembered that only seven matchdays have been played and that Depor’s fate will change. Finally, he announced that Juan Dominguez won’t be available for the meeting against Valencia. The following is a summary of the things said by the coach.

“We had a meal with the club’s officials, with the two highest persons at the club. The reason was to know my analysis of what happened in the game against Sevilla and also of our trajectory. It was in an environment of reflection and analysis. We spent a lot of time and everything was positive. The president already had many information transmitted by the captains as he wanted to have their vision, and now he wanted to meet the vision of the responsible of the group.”

“I have several readings of the situation and it was good to me to hold this press conference, because for the first time I have read what the players and the president have said. It was my obligation and now I know more things. A lot of things were said about the game against Sevilla. All the comments were harder of what I said in Sevilla, because my first intention is always to protect the players. I coincide on many things of what others have said about it. All I can say is that we cannot rescue anything from the last game. After the game at Madrid I noticed that you thought I was crazy for saying that positive things can be rescued after allowing eight goals. After the game at Sevilla I can say that we cannot rescue anything from a 1-4, nothing! It was the worst game in all senses. There was emptiness in football, intensity, courage and everything else. I’m calm, because I coincide with everybody that has been interviewed after the match, but it was only a game.”

“My perception is clear: after all that has happened here within the last years, fear has been installed. It’s normal, because we are coming after a lot of relegations and therefore there’s fear on here. Fear cripples you and fear makes you weak. Fear can cause disunion and we have to face the situation. We must take advantage of what happened in Sevilla in order to make an analysis, always from the calmness and serenity, moving away from fear, because if we make partial analysis we will end losing. If we make partial analysis before the game at Sevilla then we will realize that we were within the goal for this season.”

“The line between failure and success will be narrow throughout the season, during the whole season. We are a team built up according to the possibilities that were available and we are on that lane.  So, we passed from saying that we lost against Almeria, but making the merits to add the points, to now say that we are a soulless and disastrous team that remains under construction. We must remain calm, because we neither are the first thing nor the second. Before the matchday we were saved, and now I say that in the first week of October a team never clinched the title, it never clinched the goal of securing the permanence, and no team has clinched the promotion to Primera in October. It is what I say. I just hope that this isolated game against Sevilla is going to be an exceptional event.”

“We will have fourteen days in order to work, but at this point I still don’t know the players that I will have available for the game against Valencia, neither of their conditions. The doctors are all optimistic and the players want to be available. As soon as I know what players will be available then I will make my choices. The situation is similar to the visit to Eibar; we have fourteen days to reset all the tactical knowledge that might be weak. What you should know is that I won’t be standing here, it’s necessary to shake the tree. At this point I cannot say anything about a player in particular, but in a general sense I can say that, at this point, on January 10, no one at the team has the label of undisputed starter. No one! So, when you need the changes is to add points, it’s the more important thing, then you need to search for solutions and shake the tree.”

“If we would have one more point than the current situation then possibly we weren’t doing this deep analysis. There are players that also gave their opinion and there’s a clear conclusion: We need to reset. To start all over from A. We need to rejoin the concepts, basically because we end disconnected. I’ve read that we had good phases during the games, but we cannot be happy only with that, we need to be more constant.  We will make different tactical decisions, but not according to what happened against Sevilla, because that was an isolated event.”

“It’s possible that of the five players that are injured we will recover four of them. I believe Juan Dominguez won’t be available against Valencia. I believe we will recover four and will have to wait to see how Insua is, because after one month sidelined he went to the national team and don’t know if he’s going to work there or if he will play. So for us it’s a big problem. “

“He’s fine. I have heard the rumors and in that sense there’s nothing. He’s training and the only think is that he isn’t a starter. He hasn’t come here to tell me that he wants to leave.”

“He’s a dragging an issue in one finger, an injury picked yesterday. I don’t think it’s important.”

“For me the project of Depor is beyond been a personal matter, this due to reasons that I won’t explain. So, I’m calmed and relaxed.”

“In the majority of the goals that we conceded, surprisingly, eight or nine players were behind the line of the ball. It wasn’t because we were fifty meters away from the goal and that they caught us by surprise. There were isolated goals, like the goal against Almeria or the fourth against Sevilla, but it isn’t the tactical reason for have conceded the goals. I won’t say it in public as right now we are working with the players, but what happens is that, in many opportunities, it isn’t a matter of been at one place but to do a task at that place. We need to be more aggressive and recover past values. What values? We cannot be a team committing 24 fouls and then pass to only commit 8 or 9 fouls against Sevilla and Madrid, two of the best teams in Europe. Something is failing, we have been disconnected. We need to recover some values. “

“If I would have had that target before the matchday… Those are very simple conclusions. If I would have had that goal on matchday 06, then I don’t know what I will be answering. I already answered: you cannot clinch the goals on matchday 06; you never reach the goals on gameday 06. You cannot make a drama, because a lot still ahead. You cannot relax surely as you aren’t in the line of salvation, but more than 30 matchdays are left and are only one point below the salvation, one point! It’s the error; you cannot be locked in fear.  Do you think that the current first place is going to be the champion? Do you think that Depor will be relegated for been the current last place?”

“I know the circumstances and the goal of Deportivo and cannot certify the permanence after six matches. I am not surprised by the ups and downs in the competition. The line between success and failure will be really narrow. It will be the same by matchday 25. I doubt that any team fighting for the permanence will be saved at that point. All I know is that it will be a long road with many difficulties. The important thing is to know the degree of the difficulties and also the way to face this adversity. I already know the answer as you need hard work. It’s something I ever tell to my players: you will be luckier if you work hard. In football you win with only two things: hard work and quality. We need both.”

“Absolutely. Actually it’s the opposite, it is me who should be supporting. I should be the guide and the light. I feel serene and responsible, also self-critic. Surely I’m doing some things wrong that aren’t allowing the team to improve. Maybe if we would have two more points we will be facing things differently, but it will be useless for the future.”

“I am sincere. I'm old-fashioned in that regard and don’t know how the social media works. I am not interested in Twitter and all of that. But it isn’t a surprise if the fans are protesting against the coach, I prefer that all of this is focused in the coach and not in my players and my president. I have assumed the protagonic role, though also if the goal is achieved, which we will do, I won’t have a protagonic role in the success.”

[Manu Sainz from AS reported that the coach said this was the worst team he ever had during his career] “I don’t know him and never talked to him during my whole life. Apparently it was something that I said, don’t know who informed him and what did he meant. I neither know the intention, but if it was it with good intentions then they would have called me to confirm it. It’s was an emetic comment and I reject it. “Sometimes there’s people that want to divide.”

“The game against Sevilla was the only one in which we weren’t competitive, that we would have won if we would have been more competitive? I don’t know, but the impression left was pretty bad.”



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