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11 Oct 2014
The mental therapy continued at Deportivo on this week, now it was a new arrival, Juanfran, who admitted that Depor didn’t match the expectations in the last game and hopes for a change ahead of the match against Valencia CF.

 Juanfran addressed the media after Friday’s training at the Riazor; he was commenting the current situation lived at Deportivo, “Truly it has been a very negative streak and the authorized voices inside the changing room have spoken leaving things clear: we are ashamed of the impression left in Seville. It cannot be repeated as we didn’t look like a Primera team. We looked like a Tercera outfit and now we cannot say anything else, but to demonstrate things on the pitch, demonstrating that we have changed the chip and that we must put more intensity.”

“We need to start scratching again, committing fouls and putting more intensity, because if not we aren’t going anywhere. After four defeats the coach needs to start searching for solutions and I’m sure there will be changes, because we have forced the coach to move things.” He added.

The Madrilenian player repeated the speech of Víctor Fernández about the need to reset some concepts at the team, “After the game against Sevilla it seems we need to rest several concepts, because we didn’t look like a team, we were broken. From the day of Eibar to this game it seemed that six months have passed, but only three weeks have passed and it seems that we need to start from zero again, truly everyone needs to start from zero, because we haven’t done anything.”

The ex-Real Betis player was comparing this situation to what he lived one year ago, “Unfortunately when this happened last year at Betis, they fired the coach and that killed us, everyone knows that, but nobody wanted to say it. To fire Pepe Mel was the worst decision they could make. Instead of making one step forward we made three steps backwards. This is the perfect moment to move forward, only seven matchdays have been played and we’re only one point away of leaving those places. I believe that’s better to be there now rather than having two more points cheating yourself with something that isn’t real. Let’s hope the injured players could be recovered soon, so we can move forward.”

Juanfran continued remembering the game against Sevilla CF, “The ones that played committed mistakes, we played without intensity and clearly it’s a problem related to the players, because the day of Eibar almost the same players performed. The true is that the defeats have affected the confidence and I believe that, when you lose the confidence, then you lose everything. You should have noticed it and I believe it was my worst game ever.”

About the game against Valencia, the winger believes that Depor must focus in their own situation, “I believe we cannot be looking to who the rival is, we should focus in ourselves. We cannot have the excuse that it’s Valencia, Villarreal… we must focus in ourselves and try to do our best. If we make our best effort, showing intensity, and if still we lose, then surely nothing will happen. If you don’t play like that then it’s normal to see people upset.”

“What we cannot allow is to play like against Sevilla. The team must go out in order to bite, and if we don’t go out in order to bite then it will be a shame. I’m sure it won’t happen, because the defeats touched our honor and evidently the game will change. We will go out in order to win. Why? Because we need to win and because we play at home.” He added.

Finally, Juanfran understands that the fans are angry with Depor’s performance, “I understand that people are upset and due to the circumstances Manuel [Pablo] had to come out in order to speak, he’s the boss and had to speak out. The president had to speak out. We are facing the situation and now need to show things on the fiend, because the words go with the wind. If I were a fan and started to see again the same thing of Sevilla then I will be the first one whistling. What we need to do is to demonstrate that we want to fight for Depor, we need to fight to stay at Primera.”




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