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16 Oct 2014
Enrique Calvete Pťrez, treasurer & financial advisor of Deportivo, conceded an interview to Sportpaper AS. He talked of the budget, the next shareholders meeting, the sponsoring of the Riazor, winter signings and other financial issues at the club.

 Q: The shareholders meeting was going to take place in September, October ... Is it finally taking place in November?
A: Yes, it will be in the second part of November. Weíll present the accounts of last season and the budget already executed. In addition, the budget for this year.

Q: Lendoiro budgeted 23 million at Segunda...
A: It wonít be the half, but substantially less.

Q: Why the difference?
A: The budget is a forecast and later you have the data thatís executed. But I think this aspect is better to explain it to the shareholders at the meeting.

Q: Will there be a surplus with you too?
A: There is a problem in how to handle the issue of the debt that was forgiven. It creates an unreal benefit and we have to explain it, because the equity is significantly negative.

Q: Is the due diligence ready?
A: Itís already done in all areas. The conclusions shall be communicated during the meeting and there will be some surprises.

Q: I guess that now the Spanish Treasury wonít forgive anything...
A: We are strictly meeting the deadlines. In January and July we must pay 2.5 million to the Treasury; both payments are guaranteed.

Q: And the sponsorship of the Riazor?
A: Unfortunately it is far to be completed, but it must be a significant amount. Espanyol, including the sponsorship of the shirt, are collecting 40 million in seven seasons. If we remove ten for the shirts, itís for 30 million in seven years.

Q: That means 4.5 million per season.
A: That would solve almost in a stroke of a pen the situation of Deportivo, but itís very complicated.

Q: In a year and a half thereís a new television contract. How much will rise?
A: No closed figures, but it will be significant. It will be another deep breath. The big challenge is to endure this season and the next one at Primera. If we are there, then we will have taken a decisive step for survival and even to reach, I donít talk of titles, a significant position.

Q: Is there a plan to make signings in January?
A: At this point no, but we fight to increase the revenue and thus raise the salary cap. If itís necessary, there will be room to make signings during the winter.

Q: And if you have to fire Victor Fernandez?
A: We are not even thinking about it. In the business world you have to foresee everything and if we would have to find a solution then we would find it, but itís something that wonít happen.

Q: If the match-fixed cases are proven, what will be asked by the club?
A: If the cases are proven then weíll seek for financial compensation, the sporting one is impossible. It would be justice.

Q; The difference in euros to play at Primera or Segunda?
A: It would be sensible, but we have to wait to see what happens. We are expectant.

Q: And the 2.7 million asked by Conchado...
A: I will not get into the content of the claim, the amount itself. Itís so high that is almost 10% of the budget.

Q: Do Deporís lawyers charge a flat? How much?
A: A fixed payment and very little compared to the intensity and volume of the issues.

Q: Will the team have bonuses?
A: They arenít covered. But off course neither was in the plans on last year and it happened.




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