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23 Oct 2014
Goalkeeper Fabricio Agosto was surprised at the moment of been told that he was going to play on Sunday, but he managed the situation and says that he was always prepared for the opportunity. The Canarian also hailed his partner Lux.

It can be said that Fabricio Agosto is already a veteran, at least it’s the feeling left by his tranquility during the press conferences. On Tuesday, the Canarian man confessed to reporters that Víctor Fernández told him the night before that he was going to be a starter against Valencia, “He told me the day before, at the moment of the dinner. I was coming after not playing for a while, but since the pre-season I thought I could be part of the games. I never gave up and always thought that I was ready to play.”

“I really didn’t have problem to sleep that night. When the coach told me the news he confessed that he wasn’t sure if it was right to tell me that day or until Sunday. When he told me I responded: okay. You need to be quiet and thankfully there’s a thing that characterizes me: my serenity and sacrifice. It led me to be focused, mainly when you give everything. It brings more tranquility to me.” He added.

The keeper said that he really enjoyed the match, which turned to be the first home victory on the season, “Yes, I enjoyed the game a lot. You always enjoy been on the pitch and I thanks my partners for their physical effort, the will and sacrifice made on Sunday. We knew that we needed to change the impression on us; we had a bad game in Sevilla and knew we could do it different. We competed and had that luck that we missed before.”

The Canarian player was asked if this match meant to remove a thorn from his past stage at Depor, “Yes, because when I played things weren’t good to me. The environment was weird. It was strange, because I always saw the Depor that was playing in the Champions and in UEFA and suddenly we were in relegation. It caught me by surprise and besides, I left the club in order to form myself, because I knew that I wasn’t going to get minutes on here. But yes, I’m content for playing with Depor at the highest level and also to help my partners.”

He repeated that the key is to always be ready to play, “I worked every day in order to be in the better conditions for the weekends. If the coach decided that I could play, then it’s fine. If not, then to help from outside. We always try to get the ideas of the coach, always working and not thinking if we were going to play. We always try to polish the errors during the week and then show ourselves on the field.”

Then he praised his rival for the spot, German Lux, “German is a great goalkeeper. He always demonstrates it during each training session. He’s a warrior, a gladiator. He never surrendered. I believe he will keep working in the same way and nothing else; the one that deices is the coach. He makes the lineup and we need to be united. The better thing is the strong group that we have, which is one of the keys to achieve the goal.”

Finally, Fabricio was remembering Sergio González, the coach of RCD Espanyol that was his team mate at Depor, “He’s a player that made history at this club. I am glad that he got the job of coach so early, especially been at Primera. He’s doing a great job. You could notice from that time that he has the skills to be a coach. He knew how to read the games when he was a player. I’m glad he’s doing fine. It’s going to be a complicate game and we need to clinch the salvation as soon as possible.”



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