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24 Oct 2014
The budget for the current season is €30.08 million, so for the first time in years there has been an increase, though it’s normal as on the previous season the team competed at Segunda. The club projects a surplus of €6.25 million.

Newspapers La Opinión A Coruña presented on Thursday the budget that will be sent to the shareholders and that will be voted during the meeting that will take place at the end of November. First to all to remember that the budget of the campaign 2013/14, together with the financial reports, were rejected back in December when Lendoiro was still the president. So, those reports will be voted again, and this time with important modifications.

That budget of Lendoiro was for €23.13 million, now president Tino Fernández is presenting the budgets for both seasons, the one of the campaign 2013/14 was reduced to €9.8 million, which means only the 46% of Lendoiro’s one. The reduction was caused as the new board of directors excluded the extraordinary incomes, like the insurance for the relegation or advance payments that didn’t take place.  The decrease is causing a loss of €393,218.71 (the financial reports will be explained in further articles)

The budget of the season 2014/15 is for €30.08 million, therefore for the first time in ten years there’s an increase in the budget, though it should be normal taking in mind the club was competing at Segunda División in the previous campaign, which means a difference of €16 million in the income.

 As always the major part of the incomes is coming from the TV rights. €18 million (60% of the budget) is financed through this source. The other sources of money for the campaign 2014715 are the season subscribers (€5.25 million), publicity (€2.72 million), commercialization (€2.38 million) and match tickets (€1.74 million).

About the expenses, the club projected €19.64 million. The major part is related to the players. The club calculated in €15.09 million the money necessary to pay their wages (77% of the total). Last year it was calculated in €10.4 million with the team competing at Segunda, though this number was later revised by Tino’s board.

The salary cap of Deportivo is €15.3 million, which means that the Galician club has spent the 98.63% of the limit. The budget stipulates a surplus of €6.25 million. From this result the club will obtain the €2 million that must be paid to the Spanish Treasury in January as part of the agreement with the tax agency.

The evolution of the budget since 1988:

Season Amount Season Amount
1988/1989 €1.63 million 2001/2002 €74.98 million
1989/1990 €1.87 million 2002/2003 €83.16 million
1990/1991 €2.70 million 2003/2004 €86.40 million
1991/1992 €5.24 million 2004/2005 €82.26 million
1992/1993 €7.88 million 2005/2006 €77.10 million
1993/1994 €10.70 million 2006/2007 €71.10 million
1994/1995 €11.39 million 2007/2008 €65.00 million
1995/1996 €14.33 million 2008/2009 €59.83 million
1996/1997 €23.66 million 2009/2010 €55.81 million
1997/1998 €29.93 million 2010/2011 €52.85 million
1998/1999 €33.54 million 2011/2012 €42.95 million
1999/2000 €39.00 million 2012/2013 €39.88 million
2000/2001 €59.77 million 2013/2014 €9.80 million

2014/2015 €30.08 million





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