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03 Nov 2014
Centre midfielder Juan Dominguez believes that Depor need to change the mentality as every game should be played as a final. The midfielder also said that he feels comfortable to perform as a playmaker.

Long press conference by Juan Dominguez. He talked with reporters for 22 minutes and analyzed his role in the past game with Getafe CF and also the irregular behavior of the team after completing 10 matchdays in la liga.

There were many negative comments regarding his appearance as a playmaker on last Friday’s game, but he said to feel comfortable on any position, “Any player feels more comfortable on his natural position or close to it. My natural position is centre midfielder, even completing offensive tasks, but the true is that I always feel comfortable as long as I’m playing. In the first part I was a playmaker and in the second a defensive midfielder. I’m happy as long as I’m playing.”

“The coach told me at the hotel that I was going to perform as a playmaker. He told me what he wanted. I don’t think it was a tactical error. The coach does what he thinks is the best for the team. He talked to me and said that, due to my qualities and characteristics, I could help the team on that position. It was only a decision and neither was the first time I played there. I had the chance to perform as a playmaker against Eibar. He made the choice being conscious of what I can bring to the team.” He added.

Before the insistence of the journalists, Dominguez continued saying that there’s no problem in performing as a playmaker, “A change in the position of a player is a natural thing. In football it is something that needs to be used, this for the needs of the team or because the coach wants different things. I’m content for playing no matter where. I don’t have any problem with that though any player will prefer to do it wherever he feels better. But I already tell you that I’m happy wherever the coach says.”

The midfielder admitted that Depor are presenting an irregular behavior in la liga, “It is true that we are a little irregular. We must find the things to have a good performance, as the game against Valencia and later to have the ability to keep that. And since that point to improve. But for now we have been unable to find the way to keep the positive dynamic. It’s something we must correct now. We couldn’t make a good game and probably the next game against Córdoba could turn to be like the one against Valencia. It cann0t be like this, because we need to keep a positive continuity. We know how to play, but haven’t been unable to find the way to make things work.”

He denied that Víctor Fernández is changing the style of playing, “We have an idea to play. Sometimes things work out and sometimes it doesn’t. We need to correct that, but the true is that we all have the same idea. Since the beginning the coach is training the same things, the same way to defend and attack. Later, for our fault or for the rival, sometimes the things that are trained turn to be fine and sometimes it is worse. The changes are resources beyond other thing. You cannot always play the same. You need to play according to the rival. If the rival is marking man against man, then maybe you need to send a long throw searching for secondary plays. It didn’t work this time, but not for sending a long throw it would mean that we are trying to change the style. You need to fool the rival and they should be uncertain of what can happen later.”

The Galician player was talking of the need of a victory in the next game, “Our intention is to win all the games. Evidently as more time passes without winning then you needed it the most. We need to win, as everyone else, so it’s important to get the three points in Córdoba and especially to be able to keep the level that we know that we can match. We must find the key to keep the level.”

The fans at the Riazor were upset with the performance of the team, to the point that there were whistles throughout the game. About the matter Dominguez commented that, “People are free to express their opinion on the results and our performance. There’s nothing to say about it. “

The ex-Fabril believes that Deportivo must see every game as a final, “We need to plan the game in other way, in a physiologically sense. We need to plan the games as it was it a final, having confidence and secureness. We have a clear idea and need to implement these ideas on the pitch. I say that we need to plan every game as a final not for having the water to the neck, only that we need to plan the games knowing we have to give everything. It’s like that. We all know that we need to give everything in every play. We cannot give anything for free. We should think that every game is the last one.”

Finally, Juan Dominguez commented the new role of Manuel Pablo as an assistant, “Manuel Pablo is always supporting us; he’s a player with a lot of experience and a lot of knowledge, for his long career. He’s part of the nexus between the coach and the players. He talks with him and with us. He helps everybody in order to keep plugged. He helps us in order to keep improving.”



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