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27 Nov 2014
Centre-back Diakité is ending his contract on December 31. The French defender seems to be unhappy after only playing once on this season and could leave the club; actually he has been linked with Real Betis.

 Modibo Diakité arrived on deadline day at Deportivo and until now he has only played once with the first team, it was during the heavy loss hosting Real Madrid (2-8). There were negative comments on his performance, though the true is that the whole team was horrible.

However the game has marked his career at Deportivo while the other centre-back that arrived at the same time, Sidnei Rechel, is now a fixed starter. And it’s that the Frenchman has been on the bench in six of the eight games that followed the debacle at the Riazor, in the other two meetings he wasn’t even in the roster.

Now, a new factor has been revealed by Sportpaper Deporte Campeón: the player ends his contract on December 31. The duration of his contract wasn’t fully explained during his presentation, only that he was joining the club for the present season. It’s not the first time the club does something like this, because last year winger Antonio Núñez signed in similar conditions and extended his contract for six more months until ending the campaign 2013/14.

But the case with Diakité could have a different end. The media in A Coruña has reported in several opportunities that the player isn’t feeling content with his lack of minutes and that he already decided to leave during the winter window. His name was even linked with Real Betis at Segunda División.

The true is that nothing is sure for now, first to all to remember that Albert Lopo is suspended for the upcoming clash with Atlético Madrid, so Diakité will surely be picked for the match and could even be a starter if coach Víctor Fernández decides to keep the system with three centre-backs. Secondly, the team begins to play the Copa Del Rey in December and surely there will be minutes for everyone. It will be the last chance for Diakité in order to settle at Deportivo.




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