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03 Dec 2014
Both coaches didn’t want to reveal their cards for the game, to the point that Depor’s manager will release the roster until Wednesday. Still, both men left clues about the intentions of using substitutes.

Javier Gracia Carlos is a former player that’s trying to earn a name at the elite of Spanish football. He began his phase as a coach in 2006 after a career of 430 games between Primera and Segunda in clubs like Real Sociedad and Villarreal CF.

Among the clubs that he coached were Pontevedra CF and Cádiz CF, but it was at UD Almeria were he shone after clinching the promotion to Primera during the campaign 2012/13. He didn’t continue as his contract wasn’t renewed, but was hired by CA Osasuna. The Navarran man missed to clinch the permanence with the club from his hometown and landed this season at Malaga CF.

This is only the 15h Copa Del Rey match for Gracia, within the last two seasons his team reached the last-16 round. Curiously he already faced Víctor Fernández in this competition. It was for the season 2007/08 as Pontevedra CF faced Víctor’s Real Zaragoza in the last-32 round. The Aragonians won the series with each team winning one of the games (agg. 3-2).

For Víctor this is his Copa match number 42, he won this competition in 1994 with Real Zaragoza, curiously he played another final in the tournament facing Los Maños, it was on the season 2000/01 after his RC Celta eliminated FC Barcelona in the semi-finals, (agg. 4-2), but later lost the final facing his former club (1-3).

Depor’s coach addressed the media on Tuesday’s afternoon; he talked to reporters for ten minutes. Due to the circumstances the club warned the journalists that no questions regarding the incidents in Madrid and neither the measures of the club were going to be assessed, however Víctor took the inquiries.

He started saying that Deportivo must try to remain sidelined after all that’s happening regarding the incidents in Madrid, “We are trying to be isolated from these incidents. We are trying to stay away from the developments and to be focused in our profession. We must try to be focused in making a good game and doing our profession.”

The Aragonian coach announced that the roster is going to be released until Wednesday, but left enough clues to think there will be a lot of changes, “People might think that the game is arriving in an inadequate moment for us, but truly it’s a great chance to see the less habitual player having a chance. All are players from the squad, so everyone will have a chance to play.”

Víctor also said that it isn’t probable to have players from Fabril in the roster for the game, “We will present a competitive squad and probably there won’t be any player from the B squad. I have to assess the condition of Insua and Diakité, plus the players that are dragging nocks, but probably the roster will be composed by players from the first team.”

Asked if Salomão will play, the answer was, “I will love to give minutes to him (Salomão), but don’t know yet. It depends on him. We have to assess his condition tomorrow. It depends on how he feels. He is still fearing to suffer a set-back. He has the medical okay, but I won’t force him to make the final step. It must be him the one deciding.”

There was a question regarding the 5-3-2 system and his potential in attack, the coach said that it is too soon to judge if the system brings depth to the team, “When we played with three centre-backs and two full-backs we created chances, at least against Real, though it’s true we didn’t have too many against Atlético. We will see it with other rivals. I hope that soon Fariña and Lucas will be recovered. I am also hoping to recover Salomão, so we will improve this situation. Cavaleiro only completed a few training within the last weeks; Postiga is dragging issues too, so I hope to recover soon all the players in order to improve our offensive baggage.”

He also believes that Malaga is coming from the victory, this after commenting the fact that the Andalusians didn’t include any B team member in the roster, “The reading is that they are giving importance to the competition. They have enough squad to do it. They are fighting for the league and their casualties are for injury reasons. It means they are coming in order to win the tie.”

Finally, Víctor Fernández commented on the fact that there will be a minute of silence in the memory of Jimmy, the fan that died in Madrid, “The minute of silence is to share the pain with the family of the person that died. It’s also a demonstration against violence. The violence cannot be an instrument for football. I’m feeling hurt to see football involved on this.”

Malaga’s coach addressed the media on Tuesday’s noon. He affirmed the competition is attractive for his team, “I believe we must face the Cup as a competition that brings hope, no matter who the rivals is and if we have a good team or not. We must face it trying to complete a good round. I won’t go beyond and only look the difficulty to surpass Depor. It will be a tough rival.”

“It’s too soon to think of a final with Malaga on. This idea won’t help my team and neither will help me. We are only thinking of Depor. Little by little we will see how we’re evolving. We’d like to reach the farthest round and enjoy the important games, but a lot still ahead.” He added.

The Navarran coach didn’t want to confirm the expected rotations for the game, but hinted that the less habitual players are going to have minutes, “There are people entering into the roster in order to have minutes. We must save forces in order to not lose competiveness in all the tournaments. Despite the men without too many minutes could enter it doesn’t mean that we are reducing our possibilities.”

“What you see is what we have and if we have to reconvert players into defenders then they will do it. We’ll try to dispute each game with what we have. We’ve Weligton with four yellows as example. We’ve players at the squad that didn’t have too many minutes and they could be an alternative for this game, but there won’t be a change in the mentality of my players just for been playing another competition.” He added regarding the issue.

He was saying that the fact of been facing Depor twice in the week is an advantage, “Because the same work is useful for both games. The analysis of the rival has to be the same. This rival is earning solidity and is playing with a defense of five men. It’s a rival made to do the right things and, despite been struggling at the bottom of the standings, I believe they have great possibilities.”

Finally, Gracia reminded the importance of scoring an away goal, “Surely we want to get the best possible result. The value of an away goal is very important. To not see you in the returning leg with the risk of not scoring in the first game it complicates the things. For me it is very important to score in the first-leg.” 




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