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06 Dec 2014
The peña members elected Fabricio Agosto as the best Depor’s player in November. The Canarian keeper was crucial to clinch two clean sheets in three games, though Deportivo were unable to win a game during the month.

The revolution at Víctor Fernández’s lineups has reached the voting process for the player of the month award. And it’s that two of the three most voted men were players supposed to be substitutes at the beginning of the season. Fabricio Agosto was voted as the best player in November by the peña members.

He earned a starting spot in October and now consolidated his role with three solid presentations, starting with the visit to Córdoba CF, match in which the Canarian keeper was elected as the best player thanks to his six saves, including blocking a penalty. Later he was the second most voted player in the home meeting against Real Sociedad as Depor clinched a new clean sheet.

Depor lost in the final game on the month visiting Atlético Madrid allowing two goals, but Fabricio was still in the list of most voted players ending second. Deportivo only allowed two goals, but at the same time it was unable to score a goal in November. So, it isn’t strange that seven of the eight most voted players in the month perform on defensive tasks.

The second most voted player in the month was centre-back Sidnei Rechel; the Brazilian is a fixed starter since his arrival on deadline day and was voted as the best man in the match against Atlético. Cezary Wilk, who like the case of Fabricio was out of the plans at the beginning of the season, is now also an important player at the lineup.

The Polish midfielder was the third player with more votes in the month, including ending as the best player during the home clash with Real Sociedad. Iván Cavaleiro, despite not scoring any goal in November, was the fourth player with more votes in November. He and Fabricio were the only men that got points in every of the three matches played in November.

Summary of the month:

Rival Best player Collective note
Córdoba Fabricio 2
Real Sociedad Wilk 1
Atlético Sidnei 2

Overall: Sidnei Rechel is now the leader in the voting of player of the season award thanks to the fourteen points added in November. Cavaleiro, who was the leader in the previous month, is now second followed closely by Fabricio, Isaac Cuenca and Wilk.

Overall Table
1st Sidnei 33pts
2nd Cavaleiro 31pts
3rd Fabricio 25pts
=3rd Cuenca 25pts
5th Wilk 24pts
6th Laure 21pts
7th Medunjanin 17pts
8th Juanfran 14pts
9th Lopo 12pts
10th José Rodríguez 11pts
11th Fariña 8pts
12th Luisinho 6pts
13th Toché 5pts
14th Lux 4pts
=14th Lucas Pérez 4pts
16th Alex 3pts
=16th Insua 3pts
18th Juan Dominguez 1pt
=18th Juan Carlos 1pt






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