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10 Dec 2014
The media in A Coruña is reporting the possibility that Víctor Fernández could be fired in case of not achieving a victory against Elche CF. The board of directors will have a meeting on this week to talk of the subject.

Víctor Fernández could be fired if Deportivo are unable to obtain a victory in the next game against Elche CF. His lack of popularity among the fans and the poor results of a team that isn’t showing sign of improvement could move the board of directors to sack him.

It is the comment spread in the media at the beginning of the week. Newspapers La Voz de Galicia and La Opinión A Coruña reported that Depor’s board is considering the possibility in case of a new failure in the league competition.

La Voz de Galicia informed that the board of directors will have a meeting on this week in order to analyze the situation and have clear position about the status of the coach. The source reports that there are divided opinions inside the board, some believe the coach should continue as there have been other problems limiting the performance of the team, like the case with the injuries. So, it seems there isn’t a unanimous opinion among the advisors of president Tino Fernández.

La Opinión A Coruña, meanwhile, was also remembering that the exit of Víctor will affect the salary cap, a limitation that will block to hire a proper coach as the club is close to reach the limit for the season. It is a condition that could affect the final decision of the board.

The radios also reported that the president and his advisors are meditating the issue. Radio Cadena Cope even announced that the decision was already made and that Víctor will be sacked if Deportivo are unable to beat Elche on Monday.

Víctor Fernández arrived during the summer to Deportivo and his team has only won two games after fourteen matchdays at Primera. He neither is popular among the fans, who still remembering former coach Fernando Vázquez.



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