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12 Dec 2014
Hélder Postiga has only scored one goal after 651 minutes on the pitch. It’s the worst mark at the club since the campaign 2005/06 with Adrián López (750) and Riki (744). Even Taborda and Bodipo had a better average.

It has been a very poor start to the season for Hélder Postiga. The club sought for a reference upfront in the summer market and attempted the signing of Bojan and Mitroglou, but in the end the Portuguese attacker was signed on deadline day. Since then he has been struggling to succeed, which is reflected in his lack of goals.

The striker has been highly criticized for his lack of goal though coach Víctor Fernández has kept his confidence on him. In the end Postiga has played 651 on the league season and only scored once. His average of goals per minute is the worst with Deportivo playing at Primera since the season 2005/06, time when Adrián López (750) and Riki (744) had a poor performance only scoring four goals combined.

The true is that the recent years have been tough times for the strikers at Deportivo, after all only Riki, two years ago, scored more than ten goals in one single season, but even questioned forwards like Rodolfo Bodipo and Sebastián Taborda had better averages during his years at club. As example Taborda scored 2 goals in 513 minutes on the Primera season 2006/07 for an average of one goal every 256.5 minutes.

It’s also true that other attackers even spent a whole season without scoring, like the case of Pepe Sand during the campaign 2010/11, but these players barely had opportunities. This focus the attention on the great confidence of the coach in the Portuguese striker, because despite the lack of goals he has played 651 minutes when the round hasn’t ended yet, while other strikers with the same problem of lack of goals had lesser opportunities in past years. As example the mentioned case of Taborda on the season 2006/07.

Toché, the other natural striker at the team, talked of the subject on Thursday and he is hoping for better times, “Neither of both of us are having a good mark. At the beginning he was a recently addition to the team, but now he’s living a drought. I’m still hoping that we can live a good streak and chain a good run of goals. We try to do our best and hopefully he will be able to demonstrate his skills.”

The average of the strikers in recent years at Primera



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