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25 Dec 2014
Four months after his arrival, Víctor Fernández is still fighting to earn to confidence of a group of fans that each day is more disappointed. He has lost 10 of his 18 games at the club, a negative record during his long career.

The last defeat against Villarreal CF is putting coach Víctor Fernández in a new complicate situation. With the first round almost ending Deportivo are the edge of relegation, only separated from the drop zone by the goal difference rule.

There’s a heavy criticism over the coach, first to all the Aragonian trainer never found an emotional connection with the fans, while his tactics never impressed the public. That lack of an emotional link is deteriorating the image of the coach, especially taking in mind the charismatic figure of his antecessor, Fernando Vázquez.

Neither the media is trusting the coach. There was ruthless criticism after the latest defeat in liga and several journalists have been pointing to the poor tactics of the coach and his lack of ability to change the course of a team that was supposed to practice attractive football.

Then the board of directors has also lost the patience. To the point that Víctor is once again at the edge of destitution. Neither the president nor his advisors have talked in public about the status of the coach, but the media has largely reported that there were two previous ultimatums over the coach, both cleaned after the team achieved home victories over Valencia CF (3-0) and Elche CF (1-0). Now it seems there will be a third ultimatum for the clash against Athletic Club.

Statistically, this is the worst start to the season for Víctor landing in a new club. So far Depor’s coach has lost ten of the eighteen official games played so far (sixteen in liga and two in Copa Del Rey). Never before he lost so many games after only eighteen meetings, which is a big number taking in mind he’s the active coach with more games at the elite.

In his debuting campaign at Primera, a young Víctor lost six games with Real Zaragoza in the last stretch of the season 1990/91 after he replaced Ildo Maneiro on matchday 25. He also lost six of the first eighteen games in his last stage at the Aragonian club (season 2006/07).

But the worst season of Víctor Fernández until now was the short stage at CD Tenerife for the Primera campaign 1997/98. He lost six of the twelve games that he spent at the Canarian club and was immediately fired and replaced by Rafael García.

Only in two opportunities he has been fired before completing eighteen official games in a season. The last one was the mentioned stage with CD Tenerife, and the other was during the season 1996/97 as he was fired from Real Zaragoza after only twelve official matches (eleven at Primera and one for Copa Del Rey).



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